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  • A WordPress Flipbook to impress your readers: With dFlip you can create amazing and realistic 3D HTML5 Flipbook that will attract your customers eyes into the PDF content. It is way more intuitive and engaging than traditional PDF Readers.
  • Want easy PDF to Flipbook conversion? dFlip is very easy to use. You just need the PDF link to convert your PDF to flipbook. Powered by Mozilla’s PDF.js Library, the PDF is readily available as a PDF Flipbook WordPress post in no time.
  • Best Rated Premium Flipbook WordPress Plugin in Codecanyon Used by more than 2500 happy premium users and rated 4.9 out of 5. Pro Version

Note: FREE PDF Flipbook Reader for your Browser? We have a FREE!! Google Chrome Extension available where there are no limits like in this lite version. So you can further test your PDF to full extent without installing a plugin to any site. Just open the PDF with Chrome and you have your 3D Flipbook ready. Free Chrome Extension

Amazing Flipbook for WordPress and others

WordPress Flipbook Live Demo
Online Documentation
WordPress Flipbook Pro Version


  • 3D Flipbook to showcase portfolios for Artists Portfolio Example
  • Image based HTML5 Flipbook for photographers to add custom hot-spots and link to social sites
  • PDF Flipbook for companies to showcase annual reports
  • CSS HTML5 Flipbook for reading crisp text e-books


  • Realistic 3D Flipbook powered by modern Webgl technology
  • Full Fledged CSS HTML5 Flipbook, available as a fallback when speed matters most
  • Support for links in the PDF Flipbook
  • Easy creation with Post Type and shortcode
  • Custom Hot-spots for Image Flipbook
  • Deep Linking feature so that you can share the flipbook link with others
  • RTL mode for Arabian and RTL mode languages
  • Categories support to display flipbook wordpress post by categories
  • LIGHTBOX MODE for multiple flipbook in a wordpress page
  • Controls Customization
  • Controls LANGUAGE Translation
  • [Premium] Disable PDF Download for PDF Flipbook
  • [Premium] Any number of pages. This lite has 30 pages limit
  • Custom background image
  • Custom Outline/Table of contents for PDF Flipbook

Some Reviews for Premium Flipbook WordPress Plugin in Codecanyon:

Awesome Flip Book plugin!!! By far the best I’ve found! Very clean and can customise everything you need! Recommend to all! A+

Excellent plugin for sites that have many pdfs to showcase. Works great in both Desktop and Mobile. It is also very customizable to fit your needs. The support is also awesome and pretty fast. What else should anyone ask for?

Creating a PDF Flipbook WordPress Post with PDF

  1. Goto ‘dFlip Books > Add New Book’
  2. Enter the title of the PDF flipbook in Title box
  3. Click on ‘Select PDF’ button and select a PDF that you want to use for creating your 3D PDF Flipbook
  4. Upload the PDF file if you have not uploaded already and select the PDF file
  5. CLick on ‘Publish’ button and the page should save and reload

Creating a 3D Flipbook WordPress Post with Images

  1. Goto ‘dFlip Books > Add New Book’
  2. Enter the title of the 3D Flipbook in Title box
  3. In ‘Book Source Type’ select ‘Images’ to create a WordPress Flipbook from images
  4. Click on ‘Add new Page’ button and select the images you want to use for creating your 3D Flipbook WordPress post
  5. Arrange the order of images by dragging the images left or right
  6. Click on ‘Publish’ button and the page should save and reload

Adding Flipbook to a WordPress Page

  1. From the 3D Flipbook you just created, copy the shortcode from ‘Shortcode’ box. Similar to [dflip id=”525″][/dflip]
  2. Goto the page where you want to insert the flipbook and paste the shortcode

Creating a PDF Flipbook with just link

You can create a flipbook with just the link and without creating the dFlip post
1. Goto the page where you want to create a flipbook from pdf
2. Use a shortcode to embed the flipbook: [dflip source=””]
source is the link to the PDF file that you want to convert to Flipbook


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