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There are hundreds of image sliders for WordPress. We know because we have used a lot and none have ever completely been what we wanted. We built our own because we wanted a versatile and robust responsive slider that we could use in our client website work and more importantly that our clients could easily use on their site.

a3 Responsive Slider is inspired by and powered by the malsup Cycle2 JavaScript.


  • Fully mobile responsive.

  • Touch Swipe support in mobiles.

  • Images of any size – scaled to show perfectly no matter what size is uploaded.

  • WordPress taxonomy. Manage Sliders (like posts). Folders (like categories)

  • Fully Customize the Slider Skins Sass #dynamic {stylesheets}. No coding required.

  • Add sliders by Widget.

  • Embed sliders by shortcode button on every post, custom post type, pages.

  • Slider Shortcode alignment (just like WordPress images)

  • Slider Shortcode Dimension settings (Over-Ride Skin Dimension setting)

  • Shortcode tracking. See at a glance where each slider is embed by shortcode.

  • Remove sliders embedded by shortcode from the Slider Embed tab (removes the shortcode)

  • Slider images uploaded to WordPress Media Library.

  • There are 8 different image transition effects.

  • Transition effects set on each slider.

  • Extensively tested on live client sites before release


Install the a3 Lazy Load plugin to apply Lazy Load to your sliders first load. a3 Lazy Load will allow you to apply Lazy Load to any or all elements of your site for PCs and Mobiles including your a3 Responsive Sliders embedded by shortcode or added by widgets.


Up to 8 different image effects. In addition to the normal Scroll horizontal and Vertical image transition the plugin includes the transition effects.


This plugin has an advanced a3 Responsive Slider Premium Version. The Premium version advanced features include:

  • Youtube Slider feature

  • Ken Burns Transition effect

  • 4 Additional Slider Skins

  • Touch Mobile Skin


When you download a3 Responsive Slider, you join our the a3rev Software community. Regardless of if you are a WordPress beginner or experienced developer if you are interested in contributing to the future development of this plugin head over to the a3 Responsive Slider GitHub Repository to find out how you can contribute.

Want to add a new language to a3 Responsive Slider! You can contribute via


  1. Install and activate the plugin

  2. Go to a3 Responsive Slider menu on your wp-admin dashboard.

  3. Go to Slider Skins and create your own slider skin style.

  4. Add New Slider – create your first slider

  5. Go to Widgets – find a3 responsive slider widget and apply.

  6. Use the Sliders button on post and page text editor to add slider by shortcode.

  7. Enjoy.

Upgrade Notification


This maintenance upgrade is to fix a style conflict with fontawesome icons


This is a maintenance upgrade to fix a potentially fatal error conflict with sites running PHP 7.3


This maintenance update adds support for ALT text on images.


This maintenance update resolves a PHP 7.2 issue and compatibility check for WordPress upcoming 5.2 release


This maintenance update is for compatibility with WordPress 5.0.2 and PHP 7.3. It also includes performance updates to the plugin framework.


This maintenance update fixes 1 bug and checks for compatibility with WordPress 4.9.8


Maintenance Update. Compatibility WordPress 4.9.6 and the new GDPR compliance requirements for users in the EU


Maintenance Update. This version updates the Plugin Framework to v 2.0.2, adds full compatibility with a3rev dashboard and WordPress v 4.9.4


Maintenance Update. Following the release of new feature version 1.7.0 this release includes 1 bug fixe from that upgrade plus numerous style and script tweaks


Feature Upgrade. Introducing Progressive image loading, plus tweaks and 2 bug fixes for WordPress 4.9 compatibility


Feature Upgrade. 3 code tweaks for compatibility with WordPress version 4.8.0 and launch of the plugins source code on public Github repo


Feature Upgraded. 5 new features, 10 code tweaks and 1 bug fix for full compatibility with WordPress version 4.6.1


Feature Upgrade. 3 new features plus 10 tweaks and 1 bug fix for full compatibility with WordPress major version 4.5


Feature Upgrade. 3 new features plus tweaks for full compatibility with WordPress major Version 4.4


Feature Upgrade. 2 new features, 1 bug fixes and tweaks for full compatibility with WordPress Version 4.3.1


Major Maintenance Upgrade. 1 new Feature and 5 Code Tweaks plus 1 bug fixes for full compatibility with WordPress v 4.3.0


Maintenance Upgrade. Fix for PHP Fatal Error when upgrading from older versions of the plugin to version 1.1.9 on some servers


Important Maintenance Upgrade. 2 x major a3rev Plugin Framework Security Hardening Tweaks plus 1 https bug fix


Maintenance Upgrade. 2 Code Tweaks for improved loading and display of Slider Skin Controls and Pager.


Maintenance Upgrade. 1 shortcode alignment bug fix, update of core script and full compatibility with WordPress version 4.2.2


Maintenance upgrade! Code tweaks for full compatibility with WordPress 4.2.0


Upgrade now for 3 code tweaks which could be important depending on your site configuration.


Upgrade now for 1 new feature, 8 Code and UI Tweaks plus 2 bug fixes.


Upgrade your plugin now for tweaks that greatly improved slider first load UI, plus full compatibility with a3 Lazy Load and 2 bug fixes.


Upgrade now for slider load assets performance upgrade plus full compatibility with WordPress Version 4.1


Upgrade now for an image insert tweak.


Major Version upgrade. Upgrade now for full front end conversion to Sass #dynamic {stylesheets} and admin panel to Sass.

Upgrade your plugin now for a Framework code tweak and full compatibility with WordPress Version 4.0

Update your plugin now for mobile detect class name conflict bug fix

Update now for 2 important framework code tweaks to keep you plugin in tip top running order.

Update now for full compatibility with WordPress 3.9.1 with some a3rev Plugin Framework code tweaks.


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07 May, 2014

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4.6 or higher

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The plugin hasn't been transalated in any language other than English.


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