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0.8.5 – 2019.06.07

  • Fix – Don’t check and correct billing address in Woo order for DE customers. This is handled by AfterPay before order is approved in checkout.

0.8.4 – 2019.06.05

  • Fix – Add response code 200.104 (Address Correction) during Authorize request response as valid response to adjust WooCommerce checkout address.
  • Fix – Fixed customer last name not being set correctly during address adjustement for DE customers.

0.8.3 – 2019.06.04

  • Feature – Added setting for allowing Street number to be a separate field in WooCommerce checkout. That input field will be sent as streetNumber to AfterPay.
  • Tweak – Improved handling of Street number, Additional street number & Care of returned from AfterPay. Mainly for DE customers.

0.8.2 – 2019.05.28

  • Fix – Don’t send mobilePhone param to AfterPay if billing phone is not added to WC order.

0.8.1 – 2019.05.27

  • Fix – Don’t trigger numeric Date of birth check in checkout for DE.

0.8.0 – 2019.05.27

  • Feature – Add support for invoice payments for German customers.

0.7.0 – 2019.03.05

  • Feature – Improved handling of refunds (allow order line refunds).
  • Fix – Updated/corrected Norwegian translation.

0.6.7 – 2019.01.30

  • Fix – Fixed refunds on order with no tax rate.
  • Fix – Description on refund no longer required.
  • Fix – Improved error handling of refunds.

0.6.6 – 2018.10.19

  • Tweak – Limit first and last name to max 50 characters when sending them to AfterPay.
  • Tweak – Changed the limit for yourReference to max 19 characters when sending it to AfterPay.
  • Tweak – Add support for multiple subscriptions.
  • Tweak – Keep address fields disabled in checkout for SE after get address request (even if checkout page is reloaded).

0.6.5 – 2018.10.02

  • Tweak – Added filter afterpay_failed_capture_status.
  • Tweak – Send free shipping info to AfterPay as well (previously only shipping with a price where sent).
  • Fix – Tax rate fix if multiple shipping methods exist in order.

0.6.4 – 2018.09.27

  • Fix – Limit yourReference to 20 characters (sent to AfterPy for B2B purchases in order capture request).
  • Fix – PHP notice fix.

0.6.3 – 2018.09.12

  • Tweak – Improved messaging when entered personal number is in wrong format.
  • Tweak – Display part payment example for all countries (previously only displayed for Norway).
  • Tweak – Updated default Norwegian account payyment method description.
  • Tweak – Translation updates.
  • Tweak – Change AfterPay terms page link for SE.
  • Tweak – Change order of when AfterPay terms link is displayed next to payment method.
  • Fix – CSS change – make sure get address response is displayed after a linebreak.
  • Fix – Make sure TotalNetAmount is sent with 2 decimals.
  • Fix – Add order note that order hasn’t been cancelled in AfterPays system when trying to cancel order after it already being captured.

0.6.2 – 2018.06.12

  • Tweak – Add error message as order note + revert status to Processing if AfterPay capture fails.
  • Tweak – Changed url to Swedish afterpay terms URL.
  • Tweak – Added link to AfterPay privacy policy next to get address field (for Sweden).
  • Fix – Fixed PHP warning that caused refunds to not work in some environments.

0.6.1 – 2018.05.09

  • Tweak – Improved messaging to customer in checkout when purchase (Authorize request) is denied by AfterPay.
  • Tweak – Display get address form even if AfterPay isn’t the selected payment gateway.

0.6.0 – 2018.04.29

  • Feature – Add support for recurring payments (for invoice) via WooCommerce Subscriptions.
  • Tweak – Store AfterPay customer number in WooCommerce order.
  • Tweak – Added filters afterpay_authorize_order & afterpay_authorize_subscription_renewal_order.
  • Tweak – Only display detailed part payment info to Norwegian customers.
  • Fix – WC 2.6 support in Cancel reservation request.
  • Fix – Send correct params in authorize and capture request for B2B purchases.
  • Fix – Sync afterpay-pre-check-mobile-number field with billing phone field.

0.5.1 – 2018.04.04

  • Fix – Send correct shipping vat to AfterPay even for v2.6.x.

0.5.0 – 2018.03.23

  • Tweak – Compatible with WC 2.6.
  • Fix – Fix so products with 0 amount price & 0% vat can be included in order data sent to AfterPay.

0.4.0 – 2018.03.12

  • Feature – Added Account payments.
  • Feature – Added Part payment Norway.
  • Feature – Add support for partial refunds (if order only contain one tax rate).
  • Tweak – Add setting for separate Description fields for Sweden & Norway.
  • Tweak – Plugin checked against AfterPay design guidelines.
  • Tweak – Remove feature for allowing separate shipping address for companies.
  • Tweak – Remove get address masking.
  • Tweak – Make address fields readonly for Sweden when get address feature has been used.
  • Tweak – Added loading spinner to get address button.
  • Tweak – Added setting for account profile number.
  • Fix – Send correct payment type (installment) for part payment.
  • Tweak – Don’t change address data when switching payment method.
  • Tweak – Update WC order with address information received from AfterPay.

0.3.2 – 2017.11.24

  • Fix – Remove – from personal/organization number sent to AfterPay.

0.3.1 – 2017.11.19

  • Fix – Don’t display payment method if it isn’t enabled in settings.
  • Fix – Don’t display part payment if only selling to companies.
  • Tweak – Hide part payment if customer type company is selected.

0.3 – 2017.11.17

  • release

0.2.1 – 2017.11.09

  • Fix – Get address feature is not available for companies.
  • Tweak – Improved handling of returned address data.

0.2.0 – 2017.11.08

  • Tweak – Changed textdomain name.

0.1 – 2017.08.24

  • Initial release


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