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If you are concerned about the user-friendless of your website, then you’ll need our WORDPRESS ACCESSIBILITY plugin. Although WordPress provides a decent leeway when it comes to website creation and design, you still have to deal with some serious accessibility issues. WORDPRESS ACCESSIBILITY plug-in, on the other hand, provides the much-needed leeway for creating easily accessible websites. This plug-in offers an easy to navigate toolbar, that allows you to toggle between a range of settings in your theme’s directory. It also gives you the freedom of customizing your site’s accessibility to your preference. Just hook it up to your WordPress contents folder and you are ready to go!

When it comes to creating easily accessible websites, WORDPRESS ACCESSIBILITY offers a lot of options. This plug-in allows you to modify stylesheets, add detail to hyperlinks, resize your website fonts, and address accessibility issues without changing your contents directly. WORDPRESS ACCESSIBILITY also allows you to disable all accessibility features depending on your theme’s needs.

Our plug-in is built to eliminate accessibility deficiencies and other common issues that may arise in the WordPress core. But it is not designed to resolve every issue in your website design. It can bolster the accessibility of your website, identify deficiencies, and provide effective tools for the resolution of most of these deficiencies.

Why Choose Our Plugin:

If your main goal for installing the WordPress Accessibility plugin is to increase the overall performance of your website and maintain a strategic distance from bugs and crashes. Then you should go ahead and activate it for your website. With regards to WordPress accessibility issues, content and theme are the two main areas of concern. Thus, to make your site more accessible for screen readers, visual users, or anyone else that would be using your website. You need a plugin that permits you to alter both the theme and contents of your site, to your preference.

As a multi-featured plugin, WORDPRESS ACCESSIBILITY is the ideal plug-in for creating easily accessible and an all-inclusive website. This plug-in offers easy set-up so you don’t need any coding experience to use it, and you certainly don’t require an expert opinion for its installation/activation. With this plug-in your WordPress content folder, you’ll have almost total control over the accessibility of your website.

You can resize your fonts through a range of sizes, to make it bigger or smaller, depending on your theme’s needs. On top of that, it gives you the freedom to modify links, skip to contents, and assign landmark roles to all links on your website.

WORDPRESS ACCESSIBILITY goes out and out when it comes to creating an easily accessible website, and its toolbar design makes it the easiest plug-in to navigate. Everything you need to customize your theme and make your website accessible is in front of you and you can toggle between features in one click. If you are new to website design and WordPress theme customization, don’t worry. WORDPRESS ACCESSIBILITY offers an effective customizer tool that allows you to modify your theme’s style to your preference. With the newly added accessibility statement feature of our WordPress plug-in, your website accessibility issues are bound to be a thing of the past.

Watch this 1 minute video of how the plugin works:


Accessibility Toolbar: WORDPRESS ACCESSIBILITY offers a range of toolbar togging features, which allows you to address high and low contrast issues in your theme’s accessibility. This plugin can help you customize the overall style of your theme, straight from the theme’s directory, to a more suitable setting. Add a toolbar toggling that allows you to set:

  • Resize font (increase/decrease)
  • Grayscale
  • Readable Font
  • High Contrast
  • Links Underline
  • Light Background
  • Negative Contrast
  • Link to Sitemap / Feedback / Help pages

Accessibility Features:

  • Enable skip to content with customizable appearance and targets: This feature allows users and screen readers of your website to transition from one section of your site to another. Instead of going through massive blocks of data on a webpage, screen readers can Skip to content feature, users can move from the top of the page to another different section of the website.
  • Add outline focus for focusable elements: Many WordPress website is designed without considering keyboard dependent users. That’s why keyboard users find it difficult to focus on focusable elements on a WordPress website. This plugin allows you to modify the appearance of elements on keyboard focus. Consequently, you’ll be able to view links and other focusable fields with keyboard focus.
  • Remove the target attribute from links: This accessibility feature resolves issues relating to how links open when you click on them on your website. In general, users get disoriented when they click on a link and it opens up on another window. At the end of the day, this could break your website’s flow and at the same time, ruin the overall experience of users on your site. This is where the WORDPRESS ACCESSIBILITY plugin shines in the creation of easily accessible sites.
  • Add landmark roles to all links: one of WordPress’ common trends, is to show an excerpt of a post with hyperlinks that’ll let you read the full content. These links are usually represented with plain boring text. Which makes it difficult for users to differentiate between the excerpted contents that those links represent. By default, WordPress links are excerpted with words like “continue reading”, “more” or an equivalent text. This can pose a lot of problem with your site’s accessibility. However, With our WORDPRESS ACCESSIBILITY plugin on your dash, you can add titles to all your links. So instead of using “continue reading” to represent excerpted links on your site, it’ll show “ continue reading + preferred title”.
  • Customizer for style adjustment: using WordPress default stylesheets may pose problems for your site’s accessibility. Our Plugin allows you to rectify these issues with its topnotch style customizer tool.
    *Enable alt attributes on images: Similar to how WordPress adds title attributes to all the links it generates on your website, featured images have title automatic attributes as well. WORDPRESS ACCESSIBILITY resolves this issue, and make your website easily accessible for everyone. This plugin can save time and effort from manually editing each image one by one to change the assigned title attributes of featured images. As a result, It is the most effective plugin, for making your site accessible for everyone.

New feature added:

  • Accessibility Statement

Accessibility Toolbar:

Add a toolbar toggling hat allows you to set:

  • Resize font (increase/decrease)
  • Grayscale
  • Negative Contrast
  • High Contrast
  • Light Background
  • Links Underline
  • Readable Font
  • Link to Sitemap / Feedback / Help pages

Accessibility Features:

  • Enable skip to content
  • Add outline focus for focusable elements
  • Remove the target attribute from links
  • Add landmark roles to all links
  • Customizer for style adjustment


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