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If you aren’t sure whether you are using a WP-MU blog, then you aren’t. Trust me. If this warning applies to you, then you will know it.

For WP-MU administrators: You should not use this plugin. Your users could use it to place (potentially malicious) javascript into their blogs.

This plugin is PERFECTLY SAFE for non-WP-MU blogs, so ignore this message if you’re using regular wordpress (you probably are).


  • URLs should be valid (i.e. begin with http://)
  • The same URL can appear on more than one line (i.e. with more than one keyword).
  • Because a word can only link to one site, a keyword should not appear on more than one line. If it does, only the last instance of the keyword will be matched to its URL.
  • If one of your keywords is a substring of the other–e.g. “download wordpress” and “wordpress”–then you should list the shorter one later than the first one.
  • Keywords are case-insensitive (e.g. “wordpress” is the same as “WoRdPrEsS”).
  • Spaces count, so “wordpress” is not the same as “wordpress “.
  • Keywords will be linked only if they occur in your post as a word (or phrase), not as a partial word. So if one of your keywords is “a” (for some strange reason), it will be linked only when it occurs as the word “a”–when the letter “a” occurs within a word, it will not be linked.
  • You can use any valid target attribute, not just “_blank”–see W3C for a list of valid targets.


The options->alink_tap_linker_remote page will create a set of matching terms and URLs that gets stored as a list.

“alink_tap_linker_remote” is a serialized value as follows:

‘keyword1’ => array(
‘name’ => the keyword
‘url’ => the original url
‘urles’ => the url that serve the content in spanish
‘licencia’ => 1, 0 if 1, we check if client’s ip is from Spain and use the urles as link
‘keyword2’ => array(
‘name’ => the keyword
‘url’ => the original url
‘urles’ => the url that serve the content in spanish
‘licencia’ => 1, 0 if 1, we check if client’s ip is from Spain and use the urles as link

Arbitrary section

Nothing for now


The basic structure of this plugin was cloned from the WordPress-Plugin-Boilerplate project.
This plugin supports the GitHub Updater plugin, so if you install that, this plugin becomes automatically updateable direct from GitHub. Any submission to repo will make this redundant.


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