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The allEars widget shortcode takes a number of options. These options can be specified with the shortcode, or added as default for the whole site under Settings->allEars. The available options are: width: the width of the widget container, expressed in any acceptable CSS form. The minimum width should never be below 80px. maxwidth: the max-width of the widget container, expressed in any acceptable CSS form. height: the height of the widget container, expressed in any acceptable CSS form. style: CSS styles to assign to the widget container. class: CSS classes to assign to the widget container. widgetstyle: use a preset style for the widget. You can choose among: docked: (the default) the widget is placed on the page where the shortcode is located, with standard formatting. sticky-top: the widget is placed on the page where the shortcode is located, with standard formatting, but stays visible once the reader scrolls below that position. none: the widget is placed on the page where the shortcode is located, and no formatting is applied to it. This is useful if you need to use the style and/or class attributes to define your own widget layout. When you choose none, attributes width, maxwidth and height are also ignored.
Use the [aetag fga] shortcode. The shortcode takes the following options: href: (required) the URL of the recorded sound. pausebefore: a pause to be added before starting sound playback, in seconds (e.g. “0.5”). pauseafter: a pause to be added at the end of sound playback, before resuming the text. In seconds. title: the title of the sound. attribution: any additional information about the sound. title and attribution are not used by the allEars player, but they’re available for compliance with royalty-free audio licenses.
Royalty-free sound effects are readily available for download on websites like or
The allEars web player and the allEars widget operate under the domain. When you add an audio file to your site, you need to make sure is allowed to download the file (by your site’s CORS configuration). If your CORS configuration is incomplete, the allEars player might not be allowed to download the audio file. You can confirm this by checking your browser’s console. On the Chrome browser, the error will look like this: Access to XMLHttpRequest at '' from origin '' has been blocked by CORS policy: No 'Access-Control-Allow-Origin' header is present on the requested resource.
You can use the [aetag sub], [aetag lang] and [aetag as] to control reading pronunciation. These shortcodes require one extra parameter, and they enclose the text they need to control. Examples [aetag sub “Colorado”]CO[/aetag]: read the word “Colorado”, but show the word “CO” on the webpage and in the allEars player text captions. [aetag as “verb”]attribute[/aetag]: use the “verb” form of the word “attribute” (different stress than the noun). The valid options for the parameter of [aetag as] are verb, past (for words that have different pronunciations in past tense) or alt (for words that have multiple pronunciations). [aetag lang “it”]Piazza Navona[/aetag]: pronounce the text in italian, regardless of the language of the rest of the post.


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