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Joshua Vandercar



Adds prayer request, custom tweet, and custom counter functionality to WordPress.

Includes options for prayer moderation, privatization, public posting, tweeting, and a customizable weekly notification digest.

View examples, consult documentation, and give the plugin a test run here.



Description: List and/or manage prayer requests.
type=”[options:manage,bookmarked,personal]” (manage: show management form and list. bookmarked: show personally bookmarked prayers. personal: show my personal prayer journal)
exclude=”[options:author,counter,tweet,date,others]” (Comma-separated options exclude elements from display)
page=”page-id” (Lists prayers tagged with a specific page id.)
author=”username1,username2” (Comma-separated authors limits list.)
count=”integer” (Integer value lists specific number of requests.)
title=”text” (Displays title for list.)
random=”true” (Selects random requests and random order. Best used with count.)
id=”AmenID1,AmenID2” (Comma-separated ids to include.)
noid=”AmenID1,AmenID2” (Comma-separated ids to exclude.)
submit=”text” (Override counter submit text. Accepts {count}, {count-1}, {count+1}, {s}, {1s})
state1=”text” (Override counter state one. Accepts {count}, {count-1}, {count+1}, {s}, {1s})
state2=”text” (Override counter state two. Accepts {count}, {count-1}, {count+1}, {s}, {1s})
state3=”text” (Override counter state three. Accepts {count}, {count-1}, {count+1}, {s}, {1s})

Custom Settings

Privacy & Moderation: public posting | private posting (visible to logged in users) | personal posting (visible only to poster) | disable public management | require approval for all public requests | require approval for all requests | disable approval notifications | set custom email(s) for approval notifications
Submission & Management: submission form (title, note, button) | title for management form | author display | public user name | show date
Counter Customization: enable/disable | displayed text
Tweeting: allow/disallow tweeting | tweet via | customize hashtag | tweet type (hashtag or page share) | add hashtag | add author name | custom ID parameter
Digest Email: enable/disable | from email | subject | message | loop | management page
Database: keep options on removal | keep database tables on removal | custom table prefix
Page Tagging: allowed users | allowed pages


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First Released

09 Dec, 2012

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Wordpress Version

3.0 or higher

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The plugin hasn't been transalated in any language other than English.


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