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It is important to note that Appsila WooQuote is request a quote plugin for WooCommerce. So in order to be able to use the plugin, you should first install WooCommerce plugin. If you have already installed WooCommerce, you can follow the below steps to activate the plugin: – Download plugin zip file. – Unzip the downloaded zip file. – Upload the plugin folder into the wp-content/plugins/ directory of your WordPress site. – Activate Appsila WooQuote from Plugins page Configuration Once you installed the plugin, you will see WooQuote Menu Item in your WordPress admin menu. When you click it, you will see WooQuote Plugin Page. In WooQuote Plugin Page there are 5 tab pages: – WooQuote Offers: In this page, you can see information about the plugin and 4 buttons that links to Demo Request Page, Purchase WooQuote Page, Appsila WooQuote Main Site and Send E-mail Page if you want to get support. – Subscription Settings Page: In this page, you can make the settings of your plugin in order to be able to use it with your Appsila Backend. – Coupon Settings Page: In this page, you can integrate your plugin with WooCommerce in order to be able to create coupons automatically in your WooCommerce whenever you make discounts in your Appsila CRM. This is an optional feature and is not required for WooQuote to work. However; if this is not configured, you should create discount coupons in your WooCommerce manually. – Label Translation: In this page, you can easily translate all the label fields displayed to your customers into your language. – Help and Installation: In this page you can have information about the configuration and usage of your plugin. In Subscription Settings Tab, you need to fill in the following credentials: Email: You should enter the email address you used during the purchase. Apikey of WooQuote: You should enter the APIKEY included in the e-mail sent to you after your purchase. Hostname: The site url of your wordpress including your shop. Please take into account that you can use only one hostname address with the given APIKEY. Unless the url is correct, the transactions will not be performed with your WooCommerce and Appsila Backend. WooQuote Enable Switch: This switch is used to enable and disable WooQuote easily. In Coupon Settings Tab, you need to fill in the following credentials: WooCommerce API Consumer Key and Secret: These fields are required in order to generate automatic discount coupons when you apply discount to the quote in your Appsila Backend. In order to be able to enter these keys, you should first generate them in your WooCommerce Settings. Firstly click the Create Key and Secret button in this tab. You will see a popup. Click Proceed to continue. After clicking Proceed, creating key and secret page will come up. You can enter a description, select the user and permissions. You should select Read/Write option in Permissions. Otherwise your Appsila Backend cannot generate coupons in your WooCommerce. After filling the form, click Generate API Key. Now you can use the generated Consumer Key and Secret in your Subscription Settings Page Make sure REST API is enabled under the API settings of WooCommerce. Once you completed filling the form in Subscription Settings Page, click Save Changes button below and wait for success message. If you have a failure message please check your email and API-Key again. If you wish you can translate all labels displayed in your system in Labels Translation Tab. Well done. The settings of your plugin completed. You can start using WooQuote with your WooCommerce site. Please check to reach the official installation and configuration guide with the screenshots.


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