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[v3.2.26] – [2019-10-07]

  • Fixed: Invoice email not sending to the customer.
  • Fixed: Increment services when re-applied.
  • Minor bug fixes.

[v3.2.25] – [2019-09-30]

  • Fixed WPML compatibility issues.

[v3.2.24] – [2019-09-23]

  • Fixed datepicker bugs from last release.
  • Correct price calculator in booking.
  • Minor bug fixes.

[v3.2.23] – [2019-09-14]

  • JS: Using wp-date to parse the date format.
  • Minor bug fixes.

[v3.2.22] – [2019-09-05]

  • Imporve code API.

[v3.2.21] – [2019-08-28]

  • Fixed issues edit price on the 29 of February 2020.
  • Minor bug fixes.

[v3.2.20] – [2019-07-31]

  • Fixed display wrong date.

[v3.2.19] – [2019-07-22]

  • Fixed cannot saved some hotel attributes.

[v3.2.18] – [2019-07-11]

  • Hotfix: Missing payment.min.js file

[v3.2.17] – [2019-07-11]

  • Break changes: Split the checkout and payment step, guest will be “place booking” first then process payment on next step.
  • Template: Added templates/payment.php to display the payment page.
  • API: Added abrs_get_booking_by_public_token($token), abrs_is_payment_page() functions.
  • API: Added AweBooking\Gateway\Gateway::isOfflinePayment() method.
  • Minor bug fixes.

[v3.2.16] – [2019-4-13]

  • Fixed “no-results” displaying even when rooms available.

[v3.2.15] – [2019-4-10]

  • Fixed autoscroll to the payment section in the checkout page on Safari and Firefox.
  • Minor bug fixes.

[v3.2.14] – [2019-04-27]

  • Auto recalculate cost when made booking from admin.

[v3.2.13] – [2019-04-22]

  • Translatable the country name and currency dataset.
  • Updated some JS libraries.

[v3.2.12] – [2019-04-11]

  • Fixed admin Calendar in RTL
  • Fixed display issues of the datepicker on mobile.
  • Minor bug fixes

[v3.2.11] – [2019-03-27]

  • Correct checking rate intervals
  • Minor bug fixes

[v3.2.10] – [2019-03-22]

  • Minor bug fixes

[v3.2.9] – [2019-03-18]

  • Improve code API
  • Minor bug fixes

[v3.2.8] – [2019-02-27]

  • Improve price calculation.
  • Fixed: Swap a room not change the room name.
  • Minor bug fixes

[v3.2.7] – [2019-02-18]

  • Added: Settings > Availability to controls the availability dates.
  • Improve the front-end Calendar availability.
  • Fixed: Support RTL in the front-end Calendar.
  • Fixed: Correct the rate calculation when overlaps rates.
  • Minor bug fixes

[v3.2.6] – [2019-02-11]

  • Added: Calendar now pagination 15 room types per page to better performance.
  • Fixed: Guests count not work correctly since v3.2
  • Minor bug fixes

[v3.2.5] – [2019-02-04]

  • Happy Lunar New Year!
  • Fixed: Failed to check reference when booking room in admin area.

[v3.2.4] – [2019-02-01]

  • Minor bug fixes

[v3.2.3] – [2019-01-30]

  • Added: Now you can swap a room unit to another in same room type.
  • Added: Auto recalculates room price when editing a booking room.
  • Add some back-compat API with v3.1 prevent some fatal errors.

[v3.2.2] – [2019-01-29]

  • Fixed the search rooms did not work when multi-hotel enabled
  • and from single room-type.

[v3.2.1] – [2019-01-24]

  • Minor tweak about style to make search form better.
  • Fixed fatal error about Service_List_Table.

[v3.2.0] – [2019-01-23]

  • Improve frontend style, switch from “rem” unit to “em”.
  • Intro new “Experiment Form Style”, you can enable and testing it from: “Settings > Appearance > Search Form”.
  • The settings in the “Appearance > Date Picker” now worked but only in “Experiment Form Style”
  • Minor bug fixes and improvements.
  • API: Switch from “nesbot/carbon” to “cakephp/chronos” for DateTime API.

[v3.1.21] – [2019-01-10]

  • Fixed: Missing wp_reset_postdata after call the WP_Query that confusing to Elementor.
  • Fixed: Calculate booking costs.

[v3.1.20] – [2018-12-24]

  • Merry Christmas!
  • Correct some warning in PHP 7.3
  • Fixed: Bookings not showing in “All” tab in the list table.
  • Fixed: Wrong price in reservation when timezone is not UTC.

[v3.1.19] – [2018-12-14]

  • WordPress 5.0 with Gutenberg compatibility
  • Frontend: Force to showing single month in the datepicker in mobile
  • Auto delete “pending” bookings after 30 minutes from time created
  • Fixed add new booking in the backend when multi-hotels enabled
  • Minor bug fixes

[v3.1.18] – [2018-12-01]

  • Minor bug fixes

[v3.1.17] – [2018-11-24]

  • Fixed: Booking not store the hotel ID
  • Fixed: Some search form bugs

[v3.1.16] – [2018-11-20]

  • Imporove admin Calendar
  • Minor bug fixes

[v3.1.15] – [2018-11-05]

  • Added: Auto update checked-out status in booking
  • Fixed the gateway instruction in email and thankyou page
  • Prepare for v3.2
  • Minor bug fixes

[v3.1.13] – [2018-11-01]

  • Fixed some issues about reservation.
  • Fixed display wrong price in email.
  • Minor bug fixes.

[v3.1.12] – [2018-10-10]

  • Added: Validation on checkout.
  • Fixed: Bulk update availability calendar not work with only_days.
  • API Added: New class AweBooking\Component\Validation\Validator for the validation.

[v3.1.11] – [2018-10-04]

  • Fixed: Minor issues in the reservation.
  • Added: Intro [awebooking_rooms] and [awebooking_single_room] shortcode.

[v3.1.10] – [2018-09-26]

  • API: Added relationships API.

[v3.1.9] – [2018-09-19]

  • Change: Cancelled email now send to customer instead to admin.
  • New style for confirm dialog in admin area.
  • Continue improve multiple hotels.
  • Minor bug fixes.

[v3.1.8] – [2018-09-13]

  • Added: Show terms on checkout.
  • Improve multiple hotels.
  • Minor bug fixes.

[v3.1.7] – [2018-09-01]

  • Fixed tax issues.
  • Minor bug fixes.

[v3.1.6] – [2018-08-21]

  • Fixed some template issues.
  • Fixed send email issue.
  • Minor bug fixes.

[v3.1.5] – [2018-08-07]

  • Added: Remove selected room.
  • Fixed: Cannot send email when have multiple recipients.
  • Fixed: Trim zeros when “Number of Decimals” iz zero.
  • Fixed: Database upgrade issues.
  • Minor bug fixes.

[v3.1.4] – [2018-08-02]

  • Fixed: Premium addons update not work.
  • Minor bug fixes.

[v3.1.3] – [2018-07-31]

  • Added: Widget Check Availability.
  • Fixed: The prices include tax not work as expected.
  • Fixed: Datepicker not working on mobile devices.
  • Minor bug fixes

[v3.1.2] – [2018-07-25]

  • Fixed datepicker not working when Elementor activate.
  • Minor bug fixes

[v3.1.1] – [2018-07-20]

  • Minor bug fixes

[v3.1.0] – [2018-07-19]

  • Release v3.1.0


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