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Tested with WordPress 3.1

baseballNuke is a wordpress plugin for the administration of a single baseball team or league. baseballNuke is a complete team management tool and information source. It provides team and individual information about the players including schedule, field directions, player stats, team stats, player profiles and game results.


Please post your questions in the forum under Support forum or email Nick Collingham
[email protected]

Getting Started

1) Go to the plugin option page in wp-admin and add team and initial season
2) go to Baseball Settings and set default team and season
and select whether or not you would like the module to display
the menu. If you have not added your default team or season yet,
you must create them before you configure them as defaults.
3) add teams
4) add fields
5) add schedule (you must enter teams, fields and season first). The schedule may be loaded as a csv.
6) select Edit players to enter your roster. If you already have
it in a flat file, you can upload it as a .csv
(teamName,firstname,middlename,lastname, positions,bats,throws,height,weight,address,city,state,zip,homePhone,workPhone,

for additional tips, visit


From admin console, drag baseballNuke widget to desired sidebar. Then, select which baseballNuke widget you would like to display from the dropdown in the sidbar.

To use in a page, use the following shortcodes in the content of your page:
[bbnuke_topbatters team=teamname season=seasonname] – Top Batters*
[bbnuke_toppitchers team=teamname season=seasonname] – Top Pitchers*
[bbnuke_lastgame] – Last Game
[bbnuke_nextgame] – Next Game
[bbnuke_batstats team=teamname season=seasonname] – Batting Stats*
[bbnuke_roster team=teamname season=seasonname] – Roster*
[bbnuke_pitchstats team=teamname season=seasonname] – Pitching Stats*
[bbnuke_fieldstats team=teamname season=seasonname] – Fielding Stats*
[bbnuke_playerstats] – Player Stats
[bbnuke_schedule team=teamname season=seasonname] – Schedule*
[bbnuke_practice team=teamname season=seasonname] – Practice Schedule*
[bbnuke_tournament team=teamname season=seasonname] – Tournament Schedule*
[bbnuke_fields] – Field Locations
[bbnuke_gameresults] – Game Results
* team and season attributes are optional. If not included the default team and season will be used
* a value of “league” in the team attribute will display all teams.


  • German (de_DE)
  • Frentch (fr_FR)
  • English (default)
  • other must be translated


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05 Jan, 2011

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Wordpress Version

2.7 or higher

Tested up to:

WP 3.3.1

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This plugin has been closed.


The plugin hasn't been transalated in any language other than English.


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