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Elementor BEMAX Plugin

Elementor BEMAX is a Elementor plugin with new options and effects for Elementor. All options are highly customizable and it can be applied easily to any Elementor Section.
Also, BEMAX includes new widgets, like members widget, image comparison widget and more. If you don’t know elementor, let me tell you that Elementor is one of the best drag and drop page builder for wordpress you can find (maybe the best one) due to stability, performance and well coded core.
It’s free and you can download it here at

BEMAX for Elementor page builder demo page

Elementor BEMAX Demo

Please notice that bemax elementor demo also includes options that are only available on BEMAX PRO, but all free options are highlighted.

Elementor Sidebar

This options transform any Elementor section in a OFF Canvas Sidebar.It’s highly customizable, you can define values as sidebar eight, width, button icons, position, colors, etc….

Elementor Sidebar Demo

Elementor Scrollbar

This options adjusts the height or width of any Elementor section to add a beautiful scrollbar inside it. It has 6 different scrollbar styles and is highly customizable. Supports vertical or horizontal scrollbars.

Elementor Scrollbar Demo

Elementor Tilt Effect

TILT Effect moves the section when mouse pass over, change it the perspective depending of mouse position. it can be applied to entire section or only the modules inside it.

Elementor Tilt Effect Demo

Elementor Particles Effect

Particles Effect add animated geometry shapes to section that responses to mouse movements . this options can be applied over any kind of background. Highly customizable.

Elementor Particles Effect Demo

Elementor Youtube Background

Youtube Background added by BEMAX is quity better than default one. You can use a parallax effect, apply sound and also works fine on mobile devices (it most be used without sound to avoid conflicts under some mobile devices)
Elementor Particles Effect Demo

Elementor Widgets

  • Elementor Animated Links: This widget adds an elementor link with 21 different premade styles. It can be used to replace default elementor cta or in addition of it.
  • Elementor Team Members: Display team members in a stylish way. Highly customizable (more premade styles coming soon)
  • Elementor Image Comparison: Display two different images with a slider effects to compare it. It can be used for display after/before changes or whatever you want.

Elementor BEMAX PRO

PRO adds more options and effects.

  • Elementor Geometry Angle
  • Elementor Sparkles
  • Elementor Tilted Sections
  • Elementor Stars Warp
  • Elementor Waterpipe
  • Elementor Stacks

Why use this plugin elementor

When we made BEMAX, we follow all the guidelines offered by elementor tutorial for developers.
This really improves the performance in comparison with others plugin elementor third party plugin. All controls were took from the elementor library. Bemax works well with both Elementor versions,
Elementor Standard and elementor PRO.Elementor

Some Features

  • A unique set of options for elementor builder
  • Works with all default layouts, elementor full width, elementor canvas, etc…
  • Was tested on all the well knowed themes that works with elementor, like astra theme
  • We offer bemax elementor support for both versions, free and pro.
  • Bemax elementor set works fine on visual builder.

Knowed issues

  • Geometry angle not adjust it’s own height on visual builder when elements are added. This won’t affect the final result, it will looks nice on front.
  • Some issues under safari. There are some minor issues under sarari, such as buttons that isn’t move properly. We are working on this.


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17 Feb, 2019

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