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Randall Hinton



0.5.6 [2012-06-16]

  • Fixed Bug caused the bypass link to send users to the sites homepage rather than the requested page.
  • Changed up some of the activation code hoping that it helps resolve an activation issue that some users are experiencing.
  • Updated for WordPress 3.4.2

0.5.5 [2012-06-16]

  • Fixed Bug that caused download links to not be accessible via IE6
  • Updated for WordPress 3.4.1

0.5.4 [2012-06-16]

  • Updated for WordPress 3.4

0.5.3 [2012-04-28]

* Addressed a minor issue that added backslashes to some characters in custom text from the Advanced Settings Page

0.5.2 [2012-04-25]

  • Updated for WordPress 3.3.2

0.5.1 [2012-04-06]

* Added some images that for some reason were not added by SVN for the 0.5 release

0.5 [2012-04-05]

New Features
* Added option to allow blocked users to bypass the splash page and proceed to the site even though they have been blocked (in Advanced Settings).
* Added option to add custom code at the bottom of the splash page, ie: google analytics (in Advanced Settings).
* Added Opera as an upgrade/download option.

0.4.4 [2012-03-01]

* Fixed an issue that limited the number of characters that could be entered in the Title and Image Field on the Advanced Options Page.

New Features
* Added Option to Display or Hide the Tagline Text between the Browser Icon and the Download Button

0.4.3 [2012-02-23]

* Fixed an issue that made it difficult to remove browser versions after they have been added.
* Fixed an issue that continuously added slashes to special characters on each submit.

0.4.2 [2012-02-11]

* The 4.0 release included the ability to block specific pages from being accessible, this seems to have allowed the blocked browsers to make it into certain analytics tracking utilities, this bugfix should address that behavior.

0.4.1 [2012-02-07]

* For some reason plugin system did not update version number in it’s system, so a new minor release to make sure users get the update.

0.4 [2012-02-07]

New Features
* Added Settings link on the Plugin Administration Panel for easy access
* Added advanced option to select specific pages to block vs. blocking the whole site

0.3 [2012-01-17]

New Features
* Added a button in both the Simple and Advanced interfaces that would restore the default settings, clearing out any previous settings.

Other Changes
* Removed the Reset Defaults form button on the Advanced screen, as it was rendered unnecessary by the new button.
* Added additional information to the Readme File

0.2 [2011-09-24]

* Fixed error that would display on Advanced Screen with each settings save action.

New Features
* Add Ability to Select the Browser Download Buttons that are displayed on the Splash Page.

0.1 [2011-09-24]

  • Initial Release


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