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BuddyPress Members Only is a BuddyPress plugin that restricts your BuddyPress to logged in/registered members only.

Only logged in users can view your site, non members can only open a few specified page which you setting in our plugin back end. Logged in users have full access on your BuddyPress site.

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The plugin is a simple & quick & light BuddyPress Members Only solution, it allows you to make your buddypress site only viewable to visitors that are logged in, you can just activate the plugin and finish a little setting in admin panel and it will begin the work, but if you do not setting it in back end, it works well too, it is super easy to use.

You can setting which pages on your site will open to guest very quickly:

The plugin is very easy to use

  • Home page of your site is always be opened to non member users.
  • Login page will always be opened to non member users.
  • Register page will always be opened to non member users.
  • Lost Password page will always be opened to non member users.
  • User activation page will always be opened to non member users.
  • In backend “Buddypress Members Only Setting” menu -> Option Panel, you can setting “Register Page URL”, “Opened Page URLs”, please check screenshost at
  • “Register Page URL” will opened to non member users always.
  • “Opened Page URLs” will opened to non member users always.
  • When guest users try to view any other pages on your site, they can not can view content, they will be redirected to the URL which you setting in “Register Page URL”.
  • In setting panel, you can setting redirect logged in users to buddypress profile page or buddypress members page. If you did not install buddypress, this option will be ignored.
  • In setting panel, options to only protect your buddypress pages, so other section on your wordpress site will be open to the guest users.
  • BuddyPress Members Only supported HTTPS abd HTTP, we will detect HTTPS and HTTP automatically.
  • BuddyPress members only plugin support WordPress too, if you disable buddypress on your site, our plugin will detect it and support wordpress members only automatically
  • The plugin support translate and launch localized versions, .po files can be found in languages sub-folder.

Any feature request is welcome to requst at plugin support page

More Pro Version Features

Pro Version Detailed Feature List

  • All functions in free version
  • Restricts BP standard Components based on user roles, you can choose which components will open to guest user, or which components will only opened to logged in users, for example, you can open buddypress member component and related pages to non member users, but when they click member’s profile page to check users’ profile, they can not open users’ profile page, you can settings they be redirected to register page, or your stop’s payment page. Or you can just open Buddypress Activity Component and related page to guest, but when they want to view your buddypress groups component or related page, they will be redirected to your register page… and so on.
  • Restricts your BP customized Components based on user roles, there are many amazing buddypress developer developed many customized buddypress components, you can setting as more as customized components to open to guest users or only allow member users to view these customized buddypress components
  • Menu Visibility Control by User Roles, for example, you can only allow customer user role to see download menu, subscriber & customer user role can see product menu… and so on, so you do not need make a long menu lists to all users
  • Charge Membership fees with BuddyPress Membership WooCmmerce Payment Gateway Plugin
  • Approved Users Only, after enabled this option, when users register as members, they need awaiting administrator approve their account manually, at the same time when unapproved users try to login your site, they can not login your site and they will get a message that noticed they have to waiting for admin approve their access first, only approved users can login your site, Admin user can approve or unapprove any users again at anytime, very easy to use. You can enable / disable approve user addon at anytime in addon manage panel
  • Login redirect / Logout redirect based on user roles, each user roles have options for redirect to the smae page before login, referrers … and so on
  • Customized Opened URLs Restricts based on user roles, For example, you can settings only opened for paid users, or open %sitename%/family/%username%/ for family user types… and so on.
  • Customized Closed URLs Restricts based on user roles, for example, you can close page to guest users, and only open it for customer user roles, at the same time, you can open for guest user role, support use placeholders %username% and %sitename% to protect your customized Closed URLs pages
  • Options to only protect your buddypress pages, so other section on your wordpress site will be open to the guest users, so you can only restrict your buddypress section, but open wordpress section to your guests, for example, blog, faq, ticket, store… and so on.
  • Enable page level protect, when you edit a post, you can choose setting it as a members only page or not. By this way, you do not need enter page URLs to Opened Pages Panel always
  • One click to add default 10 membership Levels, One click to remove default 10 membership Levels, Edit Label of Default Membership Levels, one click to reset membership levels
  • Support add Announcement on Buddypress Members Only register page, you can add announcement in editor with image, link, font style, videos… and so on, we will show announcement at top of register page.
  • Restricts Site RSS Feed, you can add restricts notification in editor, support image, link, font style, videos… and so on, restricts notification will shown in feed content ……
  • Restricts Your Buddypress and WordPress and bbPpress to logged in/registered members
  • Fine-grained access control, build a privacy site quickly, just a few clicks, you can restricts each buddypress componets, all wordpress pages(even home page), based on approved members / approved user roles, you can decide which section of your site open / close to specific user roles.
  • One Click Reset all Settings
  • Option to ” Use Permanent 301 Redirect Instead of Temporary 302 Redirect”
  • Detailed tips for each setting options
  • …… and more

Please check demos

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I am developing many more amazing features, you are very welcome to submit any feature request


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