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Kieran O'Shea




  • Fixed loading order issue with internationalisation
  • Enabled the full 30 characters in the title, even for unicode
  • Fix ability to add basic HTML (line breaks etc.) into event descriptions
  • Validated performance and compatibility with latest version of WordPress


  • Removed ability to access PHP files directly
  • Change import of admin CSS and JS to enqueue
  • Removed an erroneous direct reference to the wp-content directory
  • Enhance sanitisation of some admin side user input
  • Ensure all functions are prefixed with plugin name to avoid clashes with other plugins
  • Fixed some bugs with short codes and updated the documentation surrounding these and changed function names


  • Fixed reported XSS issues with category name and event title


  • Validated performance and compatibility with latest version of WordPress
  • Fixed bug with mouse hover box which caused longer titles to wrap in an unpleasant fashion
  • Corrected incorrect formatting of DTSTAMP field in iCalendar feed
  • Added a filter entitled “modify_drawn_event_content” which allows custom drawing of events on full calendar (requested by user Eric3D)
  • Tackled, after a fashion, the issue of repeating UIDs in iCalendar feed. May now result in IDs changing on a daily basis for some recurring events but should validate
  • Added time zone support into the iCalendar feed


  • Improved the feed of events to use iCalendar format


  • Fixed a reported XSS issue with the date switcher
  • Added a RSS feed of events


  • Added a further fix for dollar signs in event titles and descriptions
  • Reverted potential IIS related fixes as these did not fix anything for IIS users and caused problems for others


  • Fixed bug with all categories showing in the category key, even when the calendar above is filtered on a subset of available categories
  • Fix internationalisation string for “all day”
  • Fix day of the week background CSS, moved from inline to part of the CSS style editor box
  • Correct queries to update tables to UTF8 that were failing in certain environments
  • Add calendar version number to a wordpress option to permit a reduced number of queries to be executed
  • Fix performance issue of information schema query, removed this in favour of a one-off hit and hope
  • Fix IIS URL variables not working (probably as no ISS server to test with)
  • Fix translation paths, preventing direct references to wp-content which is deprecated
  • Fix translation header in php file, allowing new plugin translate portal to pick up calendar
  • Add all translations available to the deployment package, enables ease of use and head start for translators


  • Fixed bug with date switcher not showing the current month when said month happened to be September
  • Corrected error thrown when numerical date in URL arguments was being incorrectly cast to string
  • Fixed lack of header on POT file and updated the same to include some missing translation strings
  • Improved README file with full FAQ and proper spacing between list items
  • Included assets which support the new WordPress repository GUI, namely a background and an icon
  • Fixed issue whereby accented characters couldn’t be used in titles and descriptions
  • Added action hooks for add, edit and delete events and a filter for event links (requested by user lexhair)


  • Enabled short codes for displaying the calendar in posts/pages
  • Enabled use of calendar short codes in the text widgets to permit multiple calendar widget instances via short codes
  • Fixed dollar sign not displaying properly in event descriptions
  • Removed references to deprecated MySQL functions, switching instead to wpdb prepare functions


  • Fixed XSS security issue (thanks to Charlie Eriksen via Secunia SVCRP for the report)


  • Ensured manage calendar JavaScript only loads on manage calendar page in admin panel
  • Switched to GPL compatible JavaScript date picker


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