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Doeke Norg




  • Feature: Added field filtering to the url. Checkout the documentation for more info.
  • Feature: Added support for Repeater fields.
  • Feature: Added download links for a single entry on the entry detail page.
  • Feature: Added download link to admin bar for recent forms.
  • Enhancement: Added a maxiumun column width via gfexcel_renderer_columns_max_width.
  • Enhancement: Added a gfexcel_renderer_wrap_text hook to disable wrapping text.
  • Enhancement: Added $form_id as an argument to gfexcel_output_search_criteria for convenience.
  • Enhancement: Added noindex, nofollow to the headers of the export, and added a Disallow to the robots.txt.
  • Enhancement: Added a gfexcel_download_renderer hook to inject a custom renderer.
  • Bugfix: Prevent notice at render-time for ob_end_clean.
  • Bugfix: Reset download hash and counter on duplicated form.
  • Updated: PHPSpreadsheet updated to 1.9.0. Package to ^1.3.


  • Bugfix: Radio and checkboxes caused unforseen error on shorttag for GF.


  • Bugfix: Referenced unavailble contstant.
  • Bugfix: short code had an breaking edge case.


  • Security: Removed old style URL. If you were using it, please regenate the URL.
  • Enhancement: Added [gfexcel_download_link id=2] shorttag for WordPress and {gfexcel_download_link} for GF notification.
  • Enhancement: Added reset of download counter (also refactored all couter code to SRP class).
  • Enhancement: Added setting to format prices as numeric values.
  • Enhancement: Added a download event so you can append logic to the download moment.
  • Enhancement: Added CreatedBy field to easily change user_id to nickname or display_name. Use filter gfexcel_meta_created_by_property.
  • Bugfix: Stripping title could cut multibyte character in half, making the xlsx useless.
  • Bugfix: Removed start_date or end_date from date range filter when empty. Caused errors for some.
  • Bugfix: created_by and payment_date were not converted to the wordpress timezone.


  • Feature: The renderer now supports transposing. So every column is a row, and vica versa.
  • Feature: Added a date range filter. Also included as start_date and end_date query_parameters.
  • Feature: Added a “download” link per form on the Forms page. Less clicks for that file!
  • Feature: Hide a row by hooking into gfexcel_renderer_hide_row. Checkout the FAQ for more info.
  • Enhancement: All separable fields are handled as such, except for checkboxes. Made no sense.
  • Enhancement: Product and calculation have some specific rendering on single field for clearity.
  • Enhancement: Now supports Gravity Forms Chained Selects.
  • Enhancement: Quering entries in smaller sets to avoid massive database queries that can choke a database server.
  • Enhancement: Added a gfexcel_output_search_criteria filter to customize the search_criteria for requests.
  • Bugfix: Downloading files didn’t work on iOS.
  • Info: PHP 5.6 is no longer actively supported. Will probably still work; but 7.1 is the new minimum.
  • Info: Launched a (first version) documentation site! Checkout


  • Enhancement: Date fields now export the date according to it’s field setting.
  • Enhancement: Value Objects (BaseValue) can reference getField(), getFieldType() and getFieldId() to help with filtering.
  • Enhancement: Name fields can now also be split up in to multiple fields. Made this a generic setting on the settings page. Please re-save your settings!
  • Enhancement: Subfield labels can now also be overwritten with the gfexcel_field_value-hook.
  • Bugfix: Found a memory leakage in retrieving fields for every row. Will now be retrieved only once per file.
  • Bugfix: Custom Sub field labels were not exported.
  • Bugfix: I spelled ‘separate’ wrong, and therefor the hooks were also wrong. Please update your hooks If you use them!


  • Language: Finnish language files added thanks to @Nomafin!
  • Enhancement: Better inclusion of script and styles.
  • Enhancement: Renamed Results in Excel to Entries in Excel to be more consistent.
  • Enhancement: Added a quick link to settings from the plugins page.
  • Bugfix: Wrong minimum version of Gravity Forms set, should be 2.0.
  • Help: Added some help text to the global settings page. I need your input!


  • Enhancement: Added plugin settings page with plugin wide default settings
  • Enhancement: Added dependency checks to plugin, so without them, the plugin won’t work.
  • Bugfix: Prices were shown in html characters. Not really a bug, but it was bugging someone 🙂
  • Bugfix: Address field needed wrapping of value objects on separate fields.
  • Bugfix: Some fields were missing wrapping of value object.


  • Bugfix: Posting a form gave a 500 error, because of missing form info in front-end.


  • (Awesome) Feature: You can now set the order of the fields by sorting them, using drag and drop!
  • Feature: Add colors and font styles to cells by using the gfexcel_value_object-hook (See docs).
  • Feature: Attach a single entry file to a notification email.
  • Feature: We now support exports in CSV. Why? Because we can! (and also Harry asked me too).
  • Enhancement: You can now add .xlsx or .csv to the end of the URL, to force that output.
  • Enhancement: Added support for the Woocommerce add-on.
  • Enhancement: Added support for the Members plugin. You need ‘gravityforms_export_entries’ role for this plugin.
  • Bugfix: The extension did not match the renderer, which sometimes caused Excel to give a warning.
  • Bugfix: Lists with a single column could not be exported.


  • Failed upload. I wish WordPress would drop the ancient SVN approach!


  • Celebration: 1000+ active installations! Whoop! That is so awesome! Thank you for the support and feedback!
    As a celebration gift I’ve added some new settings, making the plugin more user-friendly, while maintaining developer-friendliness!
  • Feature / Security: Regenerate url for a form, with fallback to old way. But please update all your urls!
    This update also makes the slug more secure and unique by not using the (possibly default) NONCE_SALT.
  • Feature: Disable fields and metadata with checkboxes on the settings page. Can still be overwritten with the hooks.
  • Feature: Enable notes on the settings page. Can still be overwritten with the hook.
  • Feature: Added setting to set the custom filename. Can also still be overwritten with the hook.
  • Feature: Added error handling to provide better feedback and support.


  • Enhancement: Added notes per entry. Activate with gfexcel_field_notes_enabled.
  • Enhancement: Removed unneccecary files from the plugin to make it smaller.


  • Feature: Wrapped values in value objects, so we can be more specific in Excel for cell-type-hinting
  • Feature: NumberField added that uses the NumberValue type for Excel
  • Feature: Added filters to typehint cell values. See FAQ for more info.
  • Enhancement: updated cell > url implemntation. Each cell can be set individually now. See FAQ for more info.
  • Upgraded to PHP 5.6 for minimal dependancy. Last version with PHP 5.3 was 1.2.3
    (sorry for the mixup, the new renderer forced my hand, and I forgot about this, otherwise the verisoning had gone up sooner.)


  • Enhancement: moved away from deprecated PhpExcel to PhpSpreadsheet (Thanks @ravloony).
  • Enhancement: composer.json update to wordpress-plugin for easier installation with bedrock.
  • Enhancement: Metadata now uses GFExport to get all metadata; so a row now has all metadata. Can still be disabled.
  • Feature: New ListField transformer. Splits list fields into it’s own excel columns, with newline-seperated values per column.
  • Feature: New meta fields transformer. Special filter hooks for meta fields with gfexcel_meta_value.
  • Feature: New meta subfield transformer for date_created. Use gfexcel_meta_date_created_seperated to split date and time in 2 columns.
  • Bugfix: Plugin hooks later, so filters also work on bulk-download files.


  • Bugfix: Worksheets could contain invalid characters, and break download.
  • Last version to use PHP 5.3


  • Enhancement: If a cell only contains a URL, that URL is set as a link on that cell, for easy access.


  • Translation: Added Dutch translation + enabled posibility to translate via You can help me out!
  • Enhancement: Worksheets now have a title, and of course a gfexcel_renderer_worksheet_title hook.


  • (Very cool) Feature: Download Excel output directly from forms table, and (drumroll), download multiple forms in one file!
  • Feature: Added gfexcel_field_disable filter to disable all fields you want. Fields will be filtered out before handling.
  • Feature: Added gfexcel_output_rows and gfexcel_output_columns filters to have more control over output. Thanks @mircobabini.
  • Feature: Added a setting for sort order per form. Also contains some hooks to override that work!


  • Feature: Download counter (starts counting as of this version)
  • Feature: SectionField added to disable empty section columns. Disabled by default. Enable with gfexcel_field_section_enabled hook (return true).
  • Feature: FileUploadField added to disable file upload columns. Enabled by default. Dnable with gfexcel_field_fileuploads_enabled hook (return false).
  • Update: Wait until plugins are loaded. Need to be sure Gravity Forms is active. This caused a problem in some multisite implementations.
  • Bugfix: Changed the permalink registration so it works with multisite combined with the GF API (thanks for the assist @zitomerh). No need to reactivate the plugin now.
  • Bugfix: In Standard URL permalink structure, the hash wasn’t escaped properly


  • Bugfix: Only 20 results were beging returned by the GFAPI
  • The title of a form could not be longer than 31 characters


  • Updated readme
  • Removed unnecessary assets


  • First release


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