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  • Create galleries of Instagram pictures in your WooCommerce shop.
  • Add pins to your pictures.
  • Generate revenue by linking pins to products in your store.
  • Embed ANYWHERE in your shop, using WordPress shortcodes
  • A new way for customers to shop your products.
  • Easy to set up. Even easier to manage. SocialShop gives you pro features for FREE. SocialShop WONT waste your time. It WILL generate SALES!

Beautiful galleries for your customers to browse
SocialShop lets customers engage with your products in new ways. Pins added to Instagram pictures take them direct to the products they want. The result – your must have product is super easy to find and purchase.

Why choose SocialShop?

  • If you want to make sales from Instagram pictures, SocialShop is for you.
  • FREE set up support – we promise, SocialShop is easy to use. But we’re here to help if you need us.
  • No limit to the product tags you can add. More tags = more sales opportunities.
  • No limit to the number of Instagram accounts and #tags you can get pictures from.
  • Super easy workflow – SocialShop is designed to make sales. Not take up your time.

Why use the SocialShop Plugin?

The SocialShop plugin for WordPress makes managing SocialShop even easier.
* Easy access – Manage SocialShop from the side menu of your WordPress admin.
* Short codes – Makes embedding SocialShop as easy as copy and paste. The SocialShop plugin creates a short code. Just add it to ANY page, ANYWHERE in your shop. Save. Done. Your gallery can now be seen by your customers!

★★★ Features ★★★

  • Supports multiple Instagram accounts – Gather amazing pictures of your products from personal and professional accounts.
  • Supports multiple Instagram #tags – No other free app offers so much flexibility!
  • Add ‘click to buy’ pins to pictures; link to products in your store – Predictive typing connects your products directly to hotspots on your pictures. Supports external linking too.
  • Unlimited pins – Because no one likes limits.
  • Grid & Collage layout – Perfect for a full page ‘Shop Instagram’ feature.
  • Slider layout – Perfect when you want to integrate your Instagram feed on a page.
  • Carousel – Close up view of your pictures. Follows Instagram’s design. Includes the click to buy feature.
  • Moderate pictures – It’s easy to choose which pictures appear in your Instagram gallery.
  • Customisable ‘buy’ button – It’s your shop, you choose the call to action.
  • Instant update – Your customers will see new Instagram images as soon as you add them to your gallery.
  • Responsive design – Your SocialShop galleries look amazing on Desktop, phones and tablets.

★★★ HAPPY Customers ★★★

Little Hotdog Watson
Herring Stones Boutique
Sienna Alexander
Body Astrology

Here to help

If you have any questions about SocialShop, get in touch.

If you need help setting up SocialShop, let us know.


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