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Miguel Angel Useche Castro




  • Better JS file caching: enqueue URL now uses plugin version number when included (instead of WordPress version).
  • Solving CSS typo error introduced in 4.0.0
  • Fixing Data Source instance bug (thanks to imlwebadmin for the fix)
  • Solving incompatibility with Recent Post Widget( thanks to Ramanan for the fix).


  • Title is translated on showing, so the widget title is updated in real-time when a user switches languages on the site. (thanks to @udi86)
  • Added ‘widget_archive’ class to the widget. Many people requested this.
  • Added Ukrainian and Russian translation (thanks to Alex Popov).
  • Added support for ‘Remove Widget Titles’ plugin.
  • Added option to work as an accordion.
  • Changing collapse icon to – so it has the same width as the + sign.
  • Fixed closing wrong
    tag at settings.
  • Fixed double join bug when excluding posts.
  • Formatted code to WordPress standards.
  • Several performance improvements.


  • Fixed some compatibility issues with translations plugins like PolyLang.


  • Fixed Javascript bug present in Internet Explorer 6,7,8,9,10.


  • Shortcut has been changed to [jQueryArchiveList] because WordPress 4.4 doesn’t let spaces in shortcodes.


  • Minor fixes to add total compatibility with WordPress 4.3


  • Solved missing months bug.


  • Solved month linking bug.
  • Checkbox are easier to click at widget’s configuration, now each text is a label.


  • Complete rewrite of the javascript code, it has less size, easier to understand and should work faster.
  • Added support for custom posts, now you can create archive widgets for your custom posts.
  • Added active CSS class to indicate when a link points to current URL.
  • Added title attribute to links to generate valid HTML5 code.
  • Added Dutch translation (thanks to Patrick Schreibing).
  • Migrated category selection to WordPress checkbox tool.
  • Solved bugs when excluding categories.
  • Solved bug of missing expanded class on months (thanks to pjarts).
  • Solved not expanding months bug when selecting some options.


  • Added support for HTTPS, now the plugin generates the correct link if HTTPS is being used, thanks to bridgetwes for the patch.
  • Added more expansion options, you can select if you want to expand: only on current date, current loaded post, both, none or all archives dates.
  • Added an option to show only posts from selected category when visiting a category page.


  • Added option to exclude categories when using shortcodes, just add categories’ ID separated by commas in the exclude attribute.
  • Solved bug of not including JS file when using a filter without any widget.
  • Solved bug of not including JS in some WP installations under Windows.


  • Huge update thanks to donations! If you upgrade to this version you’ll NEED to configure the widget AGAIN, due to architecture rewriting configuration may get lost.
  • Added support for multiples instances, finally you can have as many widgets as you want without any hack 🙂
  • Added support for dynamic widgets.s
  • Added an option to not have any effect when expanding or collapsing.
  • Added an option to activate the expand/collapse only when clicking the bullet.
  • Removed dynamic generation of the JS file, now you don’t need write permissions on the folder.
  • Rewroted JS code, now it is a single JS file for all instances, improved performance and compatible with all cache plugins.
  • Updated translation files for Spanish, Czech, Slovak and Italian.


  • Fixed some several bugs, thanks to Marco Lizza who reviewed the code and fixed them. Plugin should be more stable and won’t throw errors when display_errors is on.


  • Solved Javascript bug where in some configurations, months and posts links were not working.


  • Updated i10n functions to WordPress 3.5, no more deprecations warning should appear with i10n stuff.
  • Solved the i10n bug of not translating the exclude categories label.
  • Improved Javascript code (please save again the configuration to take effect)
  • Better shortcode/filter support. now it has attributes for different behavior on instances. (There’s no support for effect and symbol because it is managed through the JS file )


  • Improved query performance and added option to exclude categories. (thanks to Michael Westergaard for the work)


  • Fixing i18n bug due to new wordpress changes, now it loads your language (if it was translated) correctly.


  • Fixed the bug of wrong year displaying on pages.
  • JS code is not generated dynamically, now it generates in a separated file. For better performance and to support any minify plugins.


  • Improved generated HTML code to be more compatible when JS is off, also helps to search engines to navigate through archives pages.
  • Fixed a bug where in some cases a wrong year expanded at home page.
  • Added Slovak translation


  • Added option to automatically expand current year or post’s year (thanks to Michael Westergaard for most of the work)
  • Cleaned code and make it more readable for future hacks from developers.


  • Changed plugin’s JS file loading to the footer, so it doesn’t affect your site’s loading speed.
  • Added default value for widget’s title. And it is included in translation files, so this can be used in multi-language sites.
  • Plugin translated to Czech (CZ) thanks to Tomas Valenta.


  • Removed   characters, all spacing should be done by CSS.


  • Added support for multiples instances (by writing [jQueryArchiveList] on any Text widget)
  • Added support for WordPress’ reading filters, like reading permissions using Role Scoper plugin (thanks to Ramiro García for the patch)
  • Improved compatibility with WordPress 3.x


  • Added support for month’s format
  • Now the jquery archive list can be printed from a post, just write [jQueryArchiveList] anywhere inside the post.
  • Added support for i18n, so you can translate widget configuration’s text to your language.
  • Separated JS code from HTML code, so browsers should cache JS content for faster processing.
  • Automatic loading of jQuery JS library.
  • Almost all code were rewritten for better maintainer and easy way to add new features.
  • Improved code to be more WordPress compatible.


  • Initial public version.


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