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  • Removed ability to post to Facebook profile (because Facebook removed this ability)
  • Changed to scheduled events in WordPress for posting through, to avoid timing issues with post meta
  • General bug fixes


  • Removed custom role capabilities, just use the built-in ones offered by WordPress Core


  • Removed a missed deprecated split() call
  • Changed maxlength to 140 characters in Twitter preview box


  • Removing Caption/Link Name from Facebooky Array, no longer sending Picture URL (it’s entirely OG driven now)
  • Fixed single post OG bug


  • Fix for Test Button JavaScript


  • Adding filter for Twitter to get a different permalink (like instead of the default WordPress URL


  • Fixing issue with manual formats not being saved properly


  • Removing URL Shorteners (they’re no longer needed)
  • Fixing Twitter Javascript


  • Fixing depecrated uses of .live() in jQuery


  • Fixing potential XSS attack


  • Use wp_get_current_user instead of get_currentuserinfo


  • PHP7 Updates


  • Removed FriendFeed references (Service no longer available)
  • Removed LinkedIn Groups referenced (no longer supported by LinkedIn)


  • Fixing deprecated wpdb->prepare call from old upgrade routine


  • Adding larger Facebook image functionality


  • Removing URL Shortener support


  • Fixed bug preventing scheduled posts from sending to social networks


  • Removing anonymous function calls to work with PHP 5.2 installationsZ


  • Remove Post as a required post type, still set as default though
  • Convert &#[0-9]+ entities to UTF-8 on LinkedIn and Facebook
  • Only include social network files if we’re in wp-admin


  • Removed deprecated split() call
  • Replaced preg_replace search to consider unicode characters


  • Added LinkedIn Companies functionality


  • Fixed search for leenkme users, timing out on sites with large subscriber base


  • Added missing translation string to Spanish (es_MX) translation file – Thanks again Andrew Kurtis



  • Replaced most isset() calls to !empty() to improve efficiency
  • Fixed bug causing ‘exclude’ option to not work
  • Updated ‘publish’ action hook
  • Removed save_post hook in order to save post meta before transition_post_status runs the leenkme_connect function
  • Added wp_print_r function, thanks Glenn Ansley!


  • Removed URL shortener, since it has been suspended by StumbleUpon
  • Fixed bug in image generation for Facebook, Friendfeed, and LinkedIn
  • Removed automatic preview and replaced with manual refresh preview button, due to some complaints from some web hosts about it draining resources
  • Fixed bug in JavaScript preventing previews from generating properly in some cases
  • Set URL Shortener to shortener permalink URLs (if available) instead of Post ID URLs for SEO compatability


  • Added leenkme_get_users() function to reduce coding overhead
  • Modified leenkme_get_shortlink_handler() to output rel=”shortlink” URLs w/ the correct short URL set in settings
  • Added information to the settings page for sites with multiple users with a API key
  • Added functionality to not display the generated short URL in the Twitter preview box


  • Modified leenkme_url_shortener functionality
  • Fixed typo in OG tags
  • Removed TinyURL and YOURLS from LinkedIn shortener (similar issue Facebok has with those shorteners)
  • If removing the leenkme_url_shortener call with a filter, the Twitter preview no longer gets the URL automatically.


  • Fixed new bug cause by WordPress cron action for scheduled posts
  • Fixed type in Friendfeed settings

  • Fixed type in OG replacement function call


  • Fixed bug in OG replacement tags calling leenkme_custom_replacement_args
  • Changed get_user arguments to fix bug caused on some WordPress installations
  • Added post_id to leenkme_custom_replacement_args filter
  • Fixed some error output


  • Added/fixed leenkme_custom_replacement_args filter


  • Fixed bug in Twitter’s include/exclude categories functionality
  • Updated html_entity_decode function calls to use the site’s default character settings
  • Removed unused files
  • Updated CSS and JS versioning


  • Fixed typo in Twitter Category Include/Exclude
  • Fixed new issue with HTML entites not being decoded properly
  • Fixed JavaScript redirect in WordPress Multisite


  • Added new publish action for people using iOS/Android or other Remote Publishing applications
  • Added new settings to allow a user to specify if the post author’s message format takes precedent
  • Fixed tweet format bug
  • Removed old debug code
  • Fixed issue with HTML Entities not being decoded properly


  • Fixed typo in two places with incorrect PHP blockcode, causing to not activate for users with at least PHP version 5.3.13 (and above)
  • Fixed bug with ampersand symbols being converted to an HTML entities
  • Fixed publish action priority


  • Fixed bug causing some users to not have a URL in Twitter
  • Fixed bug causing some users to have interpreted HTML characters in Twitter
  • Fixed bug preventing users from the ability to “exclude” an individual post from posting to their social network(s)


  • Fixed Javascript bug causing ReTweet/RePublish/ReShare/ReFeed buttons to include slashes to escape characters.
  • Modified URL Shortener scripts, some people seem to be having trouble with the new URL shortener functionality.
  • Added POT file for translations… translations now welcome!


  • Final Release of 2.0.0
  • Efficiency updates (reduced number of jQuery calls when editing post)
  • Added Open Graph Meta tags for resharing in Facebook and LinkedIn (and other social networks)
  • Updated User Query to make compatibly with WordPress Multisite
  • Fixed substring bug in jQuery call for users with a lot of pictures
  • Now is i18n Translation Ready


  • Using API version 1.2
  • Added better error message handling


  • Fixed issue with HTML entities appear on Facebook, LinkedIn, and FriendFeed.
  • Made some more code efficiency updates.


  • Corrected TinyURL and YOURLS shortener with Facebook bug, cannot use either with Facebook, because Facebook adds ?ref=nf to each link.
  • Removed shortlink call for on non-admin pages.
  • Fixed javascript interval, too frequent and too close together.
  • Fixed non-escaped slashes on posts with single-quotes.


  • Minor fixes


  • More efficient Publish All Authors functionality.
  • Added URL Shorteners to GUI.
  • Major update to post meta boxes.


  • Updates LinkedIn TITLE and DESCRIPTION character limits, per their latest API notes


  • Fixed Twitter bug miscalculating tweet length

  • Fixed bug when testing settings caused by multi-author publishing fix from 1.3.6
  • Fixed UI markup in Twitter Settings

  • Merge bug in 1.3.6 with Google Buzz


  • Fixed exclusion bug for Facebook and Friendfeed
  • Added links to Settings pages in more obvious location on General Settings page.
  • Renamed “” suboption to “ Settings”
  • Update for multi-author publishing


  • Fixed bug caused by new versom of jQuery in WP 3.2 when testing Facebook and Friendfeed
  • Added efficiency updates for blogs with large userbase


  • Fixed bug with %CATS% for Twitter, if using really long category names causing an infinite loop and eventual timeout


  • Changed how the meta boxes are displayed, switched to the native WordPress meta box functions
  • Changed how uses the Http class, by using the built-in wp_remote_* functions
  • Fixed bug for getting shorturl from WordPress if permalinks are turned off (and website cannot contact TinyURL), also submitted patch to core to ultimately fix this problem
  • Updated settings pages
  • Updated icon


  • Added user_can() function for backwards compatibility for WP3.0 and below
  • Added clean_user_cache() function for backwards compatibility for WP2.9 and below


  • Fixed memory_limit issue when doing upgrade to 1.3.0 for sites with large number of users


  • Added FriendFeed support!
  • Updated the category include/exclude option for each page
  • Automatically enable the “All Authors?” option on new activations for sites that have multiple users setup
  • Fixed error introduced with the share link feature on the Facebook module
  • General security hardening
  • Fixed bug causing post meta to be erased when you quick-edit a post
  • Fixed JavaScript bug that prevents the “Re” functions from working immediately after quick-editing post info
  • Fixed Tweet Category/Tag warnings
  • Added disabled() helper function for WP2.9.2 and below


  • Bug fix for Twitter Friendly Links URL shortener (again)


  • Bug fix for Twitter Friendly Links URL shortener


  • Added support for custom URL shorteners, like, and any others that you want to add.


  • Updated support contact information


  • Fixed small bug causing Facebook descriptions to not be truncated.


  • Facebook added a new “links” method to the API. Added option to use it instead of the normal “feeds” method.
  • Facebook also started restricting Message and Description length. Added restriction back into plugin (420 charactesr for Message, 300 characters for description).


  • Squashed bug causing non-thumbnail posts to have a thumbnail associated with them from the Media Library.


  • Added filters, ‘facebook_image’ and ‘linkedin_image’ to override the image used when posting to Facebook and LinkedIn.
  • Squashed bug causing twitter to improperly calculate the Tweet length for Russian characters.
  • Squashed bug causing twitter to improperly calculate the Tweet length for long titles.


  • Added auto-hashtagging variables for categories and tags in the Tweet Format.


  • Fixed bug causing “Pending Review” to “Publish” posts to be ignored by


  • Added ability to publish to Facebook Groups
  • Added ability to restrict certain WordPress roles from access the plugin settings – two new roles were created, “leenkme_manage_all_settings” for Administrators, and ‘leenkme_edit_user_settings’ for Editors/Authors/Contributors.


  • Changed the way the _wpnonce fields are handled, previously it was causing an overload in the $_GET structure for some WordPress sites when filtering and/or searching posts in the WordPress Dashboard.


  • Removed screenshots from plugin, seems to be causing an issue with WordPress updating.


  • Added LinkedIn support!
  • Tested on WordPress 2.8.6, 2.9.2, and 3.0.2.


  • Fixed function call in Twitter module


  • Fixed bug causing shorttags showing up in Facebook and Google Buzz posts.
  • Fixed category inclusion/exclusions bug.
  • Added Page and Custom Post Type support.


  • Receiving reports of users with old version of cURL installed, they are not able to verify the SSL (because it is too new). Set the API call to not try to verify the SSL, the SSL still works and encrypts the content though.


  • Added SSL to API for increased security


  • Added more features to Facebook plugin, now you can truly customize your Facebook posts.
  • Added support links to each social network module.
  • Updated API to fix slashes being included in Facebook posts.
  • Updated Facebook screenshots.


  • Fixed problem caused by users not saving Twitter/Facebook/Google Buzz settings before trying to use the plugin
  • Set “Post to Profile” as initial default for Facebook settings
  • Removed superfulous get_user_option call for Google Buzz post meta.


  • Added Google Buzz support!
  • Fixed some table formatting for the custom post boxes.
  • Added additional error reporting.
  • Fixed problem with post meta being deleted during autosave process.
  • Fixed bug caused by new users activating for the first time and not setting their default settings.
  • Made some more efficiency updates, especially for multi-author sites.
  • Updated screenshots.
  • Tested on WordPress 2.8.6, 2.9.2, and 3.0.1.


  • Fixed bug causing Facebook posts to not have a “description” if there was no excerpt defined in WordPress.
  • Tested on WordPress 2.8.6, 2.9.2, and 3.0.1.


  • Removed unnecessary CSS and images.
  • Changed main settings page to reduce CSS bloat.
  • Re-organized the Twitter and Facebook code to be a little more efficient for multi-user setups.
  • Increased error checking.
  • Tested on WordPress 2.8.6, 2.9.2, and 3.0.1.


  • Efficiency updates, now the plugin only contacts 1 time per user (instead of 1 time per social network).
  • Updated API from 1.0 to 1.1, to assist with efficiency and better error reporting.
  • Fixed duplicate screen in WP2.8.x (though I recommend upgrading to the latest version).
  • Updated AJAX popup box, made it wider and higher.


  • Fixed bug caused by not having thumbnails enabled in WP2.8.x and WP2.9.x.


  • Fixed small bug: removed default check from Facebook profile for new plugin activations.


  • is a fork from Twitter Post, which unfortunately is no longer supported because Twitter deactivated their REST API.


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