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Listly exists because the human species is drawn to numbered lists. Fact: List posts get viewed and shared more than other content. Analytics drive publishers to create 30% of content as numbered list posts. Listly makes it easy to create, maintain, and engage your readers with compelling list posts (also known as listicles in pop culture) right inside your WordPress site.


  • Top 10 Everyday Life Hacks in 10 Seconds or Less
  • 7 Lessons Everyone Can Learn from Getting Vulnerable
  • 6 Simple Gluten Free Snack for the Holidays

Lists are emotional. They are easy to consume. They are fun to share!

But…authoring and keeping your numbered HTML lists updated on your blog is tedious. Especially if you want them to be visually appealing across Desktop, Tablet, and the Phone. How does Listly help?

  • Listly is embeddable. On any website, just like a YouTube video.
  • Listly is collaborative. Editable inline by you AND your audience.
  • Listly is responsive. Configures automatically based on device.
  • Listly has layouts. List, Minimal, Gallery, Magazine, Slideshow.
  • Listly is social. Engage your audience!
  • Listly is rankable. Opinion matters!
  • Listly is evolvable. Keep your content fresh!

If you use YouTube for videos and SlideShare for slide decks, you should use Listly for your lists.


  • Create and maintain your list like a pro with rich content and paying affiliate links. Add it to your post with a short code. [ How To Make A Listy List ]

  • Add Sidebar widget to your site to show specific, latest or random lists and even a List of Lists. [ How It Works ]

  • Your lists do not have to be in a single boring blog style. Listly comes with List, Gallery, Magazine, Slideshow, and Minimal layouts. You can use the right layout for the right content…and change it anytime. [ Show Me ]

  • Add voting to your lists. Your readers can add and vote on items in a list. [ How It Works ]

  • Embed Listly lists in your posts. Customize and grab the short code. [ Show Me ]

  • Let readers share the whole list or just their favorite items from a list. More sharing is good!

  • Listly is responsive without any work from you, from desktop to mobile.

  • Get great SEO. The Listly plugin caches the content right in your WordPress so you get SEO juice for your blog. As a huge bonus you get found on Listly community as well.

Lists you can make

Listly in the wild

Image Credit: Ian Muttoo via Flickr & Creative Commons


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