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Scan-to-Login™ boosts up your site’s security while adding an innovative fun-factor for registration and login. It provides an easy and fun way to register and login simply by scanning a QR Code with a mobile phone.

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Increased Security:

  • With Scan-to-Login your site will have 2-Factor authentication using our patented technology that combines the user’s mobile phone and the website’s authorization and registration/login functionality.

  • Unique passwords are created and used by Scan-to-Login that are long, randomly generated and also include special characters to further increase security.

User Convenience:

  • Its quick and convenient for your visitors to register and login just by scanning a QR Code embedded on your site.

  • Visitors no longer need to remember complicated passwords and username combinations, they can just simply scan the QR Code and enter the site letting Scan-to-Login do all the work.

Innovative Fun Technology:

  • The embedded QR Codes are fully customizable to fit in with your site’s look and feel.

  • Enhance the fun-factor of your site by giving your visitors a new and exciting way to login and interact on your website.

Zapper and Scan-to-Login

Scan-to-Login works in conjunction with our lightweight mobile application, Zapper™. It is a high-performance, multi language QR Code scanner with no Ads, is 100% free and is used to decode QR Codes quickly and accurately. The Zapper app is available on nearly all application stores. Download Zapper on iTunes and Google Play

Watch this space as more exciting features and functionality for Scan-to-Login are due for release in the near future.

For more information on how the Scan-to-Login plugin works and also how to install it, check out the How It Works and the Installation tabs.

For more information on Zapper please see

How It Works

With the Scan-to-Login plugin installed on your website, visitors can simply scan the QR Code, to either complete a new registration or use an existing login to enter your website straight from their mobile device.

In order to use Scan-to-Login you will need to register as a Merchant on the Zapper website. This will allow you to customize the desired login fields required to register and login to your website using Scan-to-Login (Please see Installation for more info on how to set this up)

Registration and Login

A new visitor to your site:

  • A new visitor scans the QR Code on your website with the Zapper app.
  • The required fields will be chosen by you when you register as a merchant on the Zapper website (see Installation for more info). These are loaded on the visitor’s mobile device.
  • The visitor is prompted to complete these fields on their mobile.
  • If the visitor has previously completed their profile on the Zapper app they will already have all, or most of the fields saved on their device and these will automatically be passed to your website’s registration fields at scan.
  • Any additional fields that your site may require will be prompted for at this point on the visitor’s device.
  • The completed registration data is then passed to your site’s backend and the visitor will be registered on your website.
  • The visitor will then automatically be logged into the site without having to type anything into the actual site.
  • The registration information is stored securely on the mobile device, using 128-bit SSL encryption, making subsequent logins to the site quick and easy for the user.

A returning visitor to your site:

  • A visitor who has already registered on your site will scan the QR Code for the first time.
  • The visitor is prompted on their mobile device for the username and password for your website.
  • The visitor enters these login credentials on the device and is automatically logged into your site without typing anything into the website.
  • The login information is stored securely on the mobile device, using 128-bit SSL encryption, making subsequent logins to the site quick and easy for the user.

For more information please visit Scan-to-Login


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