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What are Rich Snippets?

Normally, when your website shows up in the search results, it contains basic information about your website like the page title, URL, and a meta description. With Rich Snippets, you can enhance that search engine presence with rich results. Google supports many types of Structured Data, and some of the examples would be results with a star rating, results with images, results with additional links, and many more.

Appearing in rich results also means that your website stands out in the search results, which leads to better click-through rates and more traffic.

What is Schema Markup (aka Structured Data)?

Search engines are getting better at understanding language, but they are far from perfect. To help search engines understand the content better, a micro-data standard was developed. The premise behind the standard is that by providing search engines additional data about the page in a structured manner, search engines can understand the content of the page better, and hence can rank those pages better in the search results. Many ways have been created to add this micro-data to pages, and Schema Markup is one of the most important ones. So, in essence, Schema Markup is what leads to rich results or rich snippets.

Where to Add Schema Markup?

Schema is meta-data, which means data-about-data. In this case, the data we’re talking about is your page content, and this Schema is additional data about your page content.

Schema is usually added to the page header, but if you use the Schema Markup Plugin, you’ll be able to add Schema micro-data to your posts right inside WordPress, while you’re creating your post.

What Does Rich Snippets Do?

When the appropriate Schema is added to your website and posts, Google and other search engines understand your website better, which ultimately leads to rich snippets.

Rich Snippets do a lot of things for your website. They are visually appealing and are a sign of trust. That means that your website automatically looks authoritative and trustworthy when it appears as a rich snippet. Since rich snippets are also visually appealing, they stand out in the search results, which increases the likelihood that users will choose your website over the competition. This improves your click-through rate and ultimately your rankings.

We’ve developed the Schema Markup Plugin so that you can take advantage of appearing as rich snippets in the search results without dealing with a mess of code. We’ve made it incredibly simple for anyone to add the appropriate micro-data to their pages—regardless of what your page is about. Here is a list of all the micro-data supported by the Schema Markup Plugin.

Supported Schema Types

  • Article
    The Article Rich Snippet is fully supported, with additional support for article type, blog post, and news article types.

  • Book
    Use the Book Rich Snippet to highlight book-related content. Multiple edition support with additional support for ebooks, hardcover, paperback, and audiobooks is also present in the Schema Markup Plugin.

  • Course
    Sell or review courses in style with the Course Rich Snippet support.

  • Event
    Promote events effectively with support for the Event Rich Snippet. You can add events, performers, dates, tickets, inventory, and other details and also choose from one of 18 different sub-events.

  • Job Posting
    The Job Posting Rich Snippet is also fully supported. You can employment type, expected salary, and an expiry date. The post can also be set to expire after the job listing expires, which is in compliance with Rich Snippet guidelines.

  • Music
    Use the Music Rich Snippet when writing about Music.

  • Product
    The Product Rich Snippet is commonly used for describing physical products, and Schema Markup Plugin fully supports it.

  • Recipe
    The Recipe Rich Snippet is also fully supported. You can add ingredients, ratings, cooking time, etc., and also add meta-data regarding each step or specific sections of the cooking process

  • Restaurant
    Restaurants will find the Restaurant Rich Snippet useful, as they’ll be able to add their address, links to their menu, the cuisines they serve, and even their opening operating days.

  • Video
    Use the Video Rich Snippet to highlight the video content that you produce.

  • Person
    When discussing people, use the Person Rich Snippet, fully supported by the Schema Markup Plugin.

  • Review
    Review anything with the support of the Review Rich Snippet in Schema Markup Plugin.

  • Service
    Schema Markup Plugin fully supports the Service type rich snippet.

  • Software Application
    Games and developers can take advantage of the Software Application Rich Snippet.

Benefits of Implementing Schema Markup

There are many benefits of implementing Schema markup on your website. It helps Google and other search engines understand your website better, which increases the likelihood of you ranking higher in the search results.

Once your website implements Schema and is approved by search engines, your website will start appearing as rich results, which instills trust, attracts a higher click-through rate, and increases your traffic and overall revenue. It is an easy and proven way to grow your business.

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About the Developer

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From within WordPress

  1. Visit ‘Plugins > Add New’
  2. Search for ‘Schema Markup by Rank Math’
  3. Install Schema Markup plugin once it appears
  4. Activate Schema Markup from your Plugins page.
  5. Go to “After Activation” section below.


  1. Upload the schema-markup-rich-snippets folder to the /wp-content/plugins/ directory
  2. Activate the Schema Markup plugin through the ‘Plugins’ menu in WordPress
  3. Go to “after activation” below.

After activation

  1. You should see the ‘Rank Math’ menu in the dashboard sidebar.
  2. Open any single post or page to add custom rich snippet data in it.
  3. You’re done!


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