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Juan Sebastián Echeverry



This plugin enables a shoutbox widget, integrated with WordPress look n’ feel,
using ajax to add comments and filtering comments with Akismet as spam filter.

There are 4 layouts to select from:

  • Guest Book: Just to leave messages. No replies.
  • Black Board: Anyone can leave replies to any comment, but there wouldn’t be
    threads. A reply is listed in the order they come like another comment.
  • Chat Box: The space to write comments comes at the bottom, and the messages
    list goes like in a chat room. Anyone can leave replies to any comment, but there
    wouldn’t be threads. A reply is listed in the order they come like another comment.
  • Questions and Answers: Only the administrator can leave a reply, and it will be
    shown right after the parent message.

It also allows to define if the administrador has to approve every new comment.
You can mark a PC to be blocked for furter comments until a date, or just to mark
any comment from this PC to wait for aprovation. Even if the user send it with a
different name and e-mail if it comes from the same PC it will be blocked.

You can track the comments from a user and the comments from a PC.

Schreikasten is integrated with WP’s users system. You can configure it to only allow
comments from registered users.

The anti Spam filter requires an Akismet API KEY. If you have one enabled in your
site you can use it in this plugin too. If you don’t have an API KEY, create one
in this site.

To edit the comments any user has to have the ‘moderate-schreikasten’ capability. Schreikasten
creates this capability and asigns it to the author, editor and administrator roles. Use a 3rd
party plugin (like the ‘User Role Editor’) to enable/disable it on each role.

To add a shoutbox into a page or post, use the tags [schreikasten:title,items,rssicon]
or [schreikasten:items], where title should be the text to display as header,
items is the number of items to show in every single page, and rssicon (true
or false) sets if you want to display the rss icon.

If you want to enable the rss capability, your shoutbox is in a single page or
post and you don’t use a Shoutbox widget that would be displayed everywhere in your
site, you have to add the next line at the end of your wp-config.php file.

define(‘SK_CHAT’, ‘http://url-to-your-chat-room’);

This plugin is near to a 1.0 release, any bug report would be appreciated.

Schreikasten has been translated to german by Andreas,
azerbaijani by Turkel,
italian by Marco Gargani,
japanese by Chestnut,
danish by Per Bovbjerg,
french by Pierre,
russian by trippin’ the rift team,
croatian by Dražen Klisurić,
hungarian by Gidano,
turkish by Güngör Budak
and arabic by Abdunnasir.

Thanks for your time guys!

Schreikasten uses SoundManager to ‘beep’ when a new comment has come.

Since versione 0.13.114 Schreikasten can add points into CubePoints.

Screenshots are in spanish because it’s my native language. As you should know yet
I spe’k english, and the plugin use it by default.


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08 Jun, 2009

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2.7 or higher

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The plugin hasn't been transalated in any language other than English.


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