10+ Developer Tools: All You Need to Create, Get Inspired, and Relax

10+ Developer Tools: All You Need to Create, Get Inspired, and Relax

As development gets momentum and prominence in the market, developers and businesses are constantly looking for ways to make their lives easier. The right equipment can help you make the most of every day quickly, but choosing your arsenal of the best development tools might be complicated. 

This post will provide you with developer tools that allow getting up-to-date and feature-rich sites. However, we are not going to forget about sources that are ready to inspire and make you feel at ease after completing various tasks.

Developer Tools to Become a Professional in the Industry


10+ Developer Tools

MonsterONE is an all-inclusive subscription that allows web developers to meet a bunch of challenges. It has a wide variety of benefits that make it stand out from the crowd from other similar subscriptions. These are unlimited downloads that allow publishing your online project on an unrestricted number of domains. What is more, you are free to start submitting your digital items to earn money (as both an author and an affiliate). It is possible to experiment by choosing a free plan.

After this, there are three premium plans to choose from. These include WordPress and CMS themes, eCommerce templates, plugins, graphics, stock media, 3D models, and other products. Partners (like Draftium, Crello, DepositPhotos, and others) also provide different offers like discounts. By the way, MonsterONE will be available with 10% OFF by using our promo code "wpsocket." 


10+ Developer Tools

To be honest, it is possible to call GitHub a traditional software development platform. We can identify it as a web-based Git repository hosting service that functions similarly to Google Drive in terms of storing codes. 

You are free to upload different projects (both private and public ones) to the platform to keep them safe or to distribute them to others. Its community is quite large, and the project foundation is quite striking. It can be an excellent place for anyone seeking collaboration. In other words, it is not a software development tool, but it will assist you in the process.


10+ Developer Tools

Atom is a well-known text editor that is unexpectedly free to use. The software is best known for its ability to support all major operating systems, such as Windows, OS X, and Linux. This open-source tool can be extremely beneficial to developers. You can change it to match your requirements without having to change the configuration file.

One of the best characteristics is its autocomplete feature, which allows you to write faster. In addition to this, this instrument makes management straightforward, thanks to a fantastic browser option. You can divide the interface into layers to edit and analyze various files at the same time.


10+ Developer Tools


10+ Developer Tools

Shutterstock is one of the biggest stock sites that has been around for a longer span of time than most. In general, it is an agency known for pioneering the inventive stock photo subscription model, which has since spread throughout the market.  The site also has a very useful search feature that takes seconds to navigate through millions of photos and identify the appropriate ones.


10+ Developer Tools

Unsplash is now one of the leading sources for stock images, with a massive selection of free high-resolution photos. The Unsplash team sifts through new submissions and highlights the best images on their homepage. Under the Unsplash license, all photos are free to use.

Adobe XD

10+ Developer Tools

Adobe XD is digital design software. It has all of the specifics and nuance you expect from the company that brought you Photoshop and Illustrator. If you are interested in getting mockups with all the bells and whistles, Adobe XD is the way to go. It removes the guesswork connected with the design process, including interactive prototypes.


10+ Developer Tools

DesignBundles has incredible bargains on all kinds of design elements, such as graphic packs, illustrations, icons, and fonts. It also has a substantial collection of free design components to download. You will need to sign up for a free account to access them, but it is well worth the hassle because not only are these elements free but also licensed for commercial use.


10+ Developer Tools

It is always a smart idea to have a fine combination of icons on hand. Ionicons includes a sizable collection of app icons, as well as logos, in both Material and iOS styles. 

Developer Tools to Organize Your Time and Tasks


10+ Developer Tools

DeskTime is a time tracking app for businesses and freelancers.  It's jam-packed with useful tools for everyone who desires to get the best out of their workday. It includes advanced capabilities for measuring productivity, monitoring attendance, and managing workflows effectively, which improves performance for both teams and individuals. 

DeskTime integrates with project management apps. These allow users to connect the time tracker with popular tools such as Asana or Trello, as well as Google and Outlook Calendars.


10+ Developer Tools

Trello is a prominent and effective task management software. You can use it alone, with your team, or even with the entire organization. It enables you to organize all of your work in one place in a sensible manner. In other words, it is a visual task management and planning tool. Despite its intuitive design, it contains a plethora of useful features. You can generate separate boards for various teams with as many task lists as you need and change their settings.


10+ Developer Tools

TimeCamp is a time and task tracking software that supports an unlimited number of users, projects, and tasks. You are free to track tasks, projects, and activities by category, including website and app usage, as well as monitor deadlines and produce effective timesheets automatically. It can assist you in staying on track, on budget, and on time with numerous projects.

Developer Tools to Communicate With Your Team


10+ Developer Tools

Chanty is a team collaboration tool with an excellent user interface and an intuitive user experience. This makes it particularly suitable for all types of work teams. Chanty provides an unrestricted messaging history. Text, audio or video calls, and voice messages allow you to communicate with your coworkers in public, private, and one-on-one settings. Any message can be easily converted into a task and delegated to any member of the team.


10+ Developer Tools

Slack is a popular interaction and teamwork app that includes instant messaging services, file sharing, audio and video calls, effective search, and different integrations.

Developer Tools to Learn and Relax Afterwards


10+ Developer Tools

Udemy is a massive online learning platform that provides over 80,000 online courses in a broad variety of subjects, including web development. Each course in a category comes with full access to a number of video lessons by a specific trainer. Furthermore, you can always engage with the Udemy student community for additional assistance and fellowship. Each course is paid for separately, but you can watch some of the lectures for free.  The courses range in difficulty from newcomer to advanced. Overall, it provides high-quality web development training.


10+ Developer Tools

Codeacademy is a course-based eLearning site that takes a hands-on approach to coding. To begin learning, you must first choose a path (like web development). Each of them has lessons that start with the fundamentals and progress to advanced practical applications. Each lesson includes clear instructions to assist you in writing actual code that advances with each lesson.


10+ Developer Tools

Codrops is a tremendous resource for front-end developers, full of encouragement, beneficial tutorials, free material that we all enjoy, and articles that provide practical advice. Their tutorials are lengthy and in-depth, but they are easy to follow. They have a lot of embedded photos, videos, and code demonstrated in action. 


10+ Developer Tools

Non-Peloton owners can use the digital app to access Peloton's library of on-demand workouts. These range from cycling, running, and strength training to yoga, pilates, and stretching.


10+ Developer Tools

TuneIn is an alternative to Apple IOS that allows Android and non-Apple users to listen to podcasts while on the go. Their key focus as a directory is their integration with a wide range of modern technologies. TuneIn, as they claim, is accessible on different home, car, and portable devices, and it works with Alexa and Google Home, making listening a breeze.


10+ Developer Tools

Today Netflix has over 183 million subscribers worldwide, making it one of the most prevalent online video streaming platforms. Hit TV shows, movies, stand-up comedy, and other content are all available to users. There are nearly 3000 film titles available to suit any taste. These are high-quality, engaging products that keep millions of subscribers glued to their screens. It's ad-free, and new movies are added to the catalog on a regular basis. You will receive push notifications about new arrivals, ensuring that you do not miss fresh episodes of your favorite TV show.

A Few Words in Conclusion

The sector of web development is evolving fast, and keeping up with all of the progressions is a tough challenge. However, knowing which tools are performing well in this ecosystem is useful makes everything straightforward. We have found a massive number of tools to make your workflow more effective and productive. Anyway, there is no need to forget about leisure time to renew your strength. 

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