WordPress Repair & Recovery Service

Let your website roll again like yesterday.

WordPress Repair & Recovery Service

How WordPress Repair & Recovery Service Works


Awaiting Your Move

Our WordPress Repair & Recovery Service got your back covered. Move past troubles. Get the Service.


Our Action

We will recover and repair the WordPress Website from disasters - whatever it takes.


We Go Extra Mileage

In addition to recovery and repair, we will take preventive measures to minimize the chance of future disasters.

What's Included in the WordPress Repair & Recovery Service

Websites go down for many hundred reasons. System failure, Hardware malfunction, Electric Surge, intruder attack, update failure and mishandling are a few worth the note. Whatever the reason, we're here to help you out.


Scan Your Website

We will perform detailed scan of all your website files including WordPress, your themes, and plugins, contents, digital assets, database and static files.

Recover Contents

We will recover contents, digital assets, static files, directories and database.


We will repair the website to its previous fully-functional state.

WordPress Core Files

We'll ensure that WordPress Core Files are intact.

Database Restoration

We will restore your database.


We will take screenshots and notes, throughout the recovery & repair process, to provide you detailed cleanup report on what were recovered and what measures were taken. Even after we complete our WordPress Recovery & Repair Service, if any disaster strikes back within 30 days, we will recover and repair again for you at no additional cost.

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