WordPress Migration Service

Migrate Your WordPress Site from One Server to Another Server.

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WordPress Migration Service

About our WordPress Migration Service

WordPress Migration Service involves moving a website from one server to another. Generally, migration means changing from existing hosting company to a new hosting company. While setting up a website afresh is relatively easy, the migration isn’t quite that simple. There is no one-size-fits-all solution when it comes to migration. Trying yourself to move your WordPress Website to another host can result in significant downtime and the possibility of data loss. Migration requires proper technical knowledge and expertise. Ignorance of any technical expertise may lead to huge downtime, permanent loss of data and it can hurt your business. During the migration, on the new server, you have to move along all the website scripts, assets, the web server configurations, plugins, themes, Database. You have to install or upgrade server applications and tool chains . May be setup a new web server using NGINX, Apache or OpenResty. May be setup the Database Server using MySQL, MariaDB or Percona. The daunting tasks are many and upredictables.


We offer the fastest WordPress Migraiton service.



Rely on our company goodwill. We won't let you down.



Our WordPress Migration Service is seamless - a flawless victory for you.

What's Included in the WordPress Migration Service

We provide you with a complete WordPress Migration Service. We are experienced in all areas of Server Administration and Management. We are experts handling WordPress. We ensure your WordPress website will be migrated flawlessly.

We will even provide you with migrating DNS records like A/AAAA Records, MX Records, NS Records, TXT Records and others.


WordPress Files

We’ll backup and migrate your complete WordPress directory and files.


We’ll backup and migrate your complete content files.


We’ll backup and migrate your complete database.

Configure New Server

We’ll configure and tune up your new host so that it performs better.

Safe Transfer

We'll make sure that your WordPress website is safely transferred to its new home.

Update DNS

We'll update your DNS settings to point your domain name to your new hosting provider.

Custom Reconfiguration

If you are using a new domain name, rebranding to the new domain often involves a little more work. We’ll happily do that for you.

No Downtime

We will migrate your WordPress website ensuring no downtime. Visitors and Search Engines won’t notice it. We know what your visitors and search engines mean to you.

After Service Checks

We will ensure that everything was moved successfully and there are no errors left.

VPS and Dedicated

Our WordPress Migration Service works with VPS and Dedicated Servers only. We don’t provide the migration service to shared hosting.


We’ll provide a detailed report on the migration of your site.

Start Your WordPress Migration Service with Us.

When providing us with your existing hosting credentials, please choose a temporary password that will be used only during this migration process. It will need to be reset once the process is completed. We, wpSocket, will not responsible for any security issues that arise should you choose not to follow this password instruction.

Our migration service is Best Effort. You are responsible for your data at all times and you should take a backup of all data before initiating the transfer.

Please keep in mind that migrations are performed manually by our Support Team. Manual migrations can take longer than 24 hours.

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