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WordPress High Performance Speed Optimization Service

Why High Performance Speed Optimization Service

Turn your WordPress Website into a High Performance site that loads blazing fast. We will optimize every aspects of your WordPress website for speed and imporoved user experience. Nobody likes a slow website. majority of users bounce (leave a website from first visitingng page in a session), if it takes more than 3 seconds to load. Even search engines like Google or any others advocate for speed optimization. It’s extremely important that your website loads faster than other websites to get better ranks in SERPs (Search Engine Result Page).

Better Ranking

Faster website leads to higher rank in the SERPs - attracting more potential visitors. Page load time is an important SEO ranking factor.


Longer User Engagement

Fast websites stimulates longer user engagement time.


Maximize Profit

A faster website impacts positively on conversion rates.

What's Included in the WordPress High Performance Speed Optimization Service

Having a fast website will ensure a good customer experience and increase the chances of users visiting other pages on your site. Here are some important benefits of High Performance Speed Optimization.



Nothing improves website speed like caching does. Caching works at three levels: a) browsers, b) proxy servers like CloudFlare, and c) Web Servers. We'll configure and optimize caching for your WordPress website at all three levels.


We'll setup Content Delivery Network (CDN) for your WordPress Website at your preferred vendor like CloudFlare, Fastly, etc. A CDN makes your site faster by serving contents from user's nearest location edge server. CDN also caches contents for faster delivery.

Combining CSS and JS

We will combine your CSS and JS static asset files to reduce the number of round-trips between the user’s browser and your server. JS files can also configured to load asynchronously.


We'll configure best compression settings for your static and dynamic contents. Compression reduces data bandwidth and ensures faster delivery.

Database Optimization

Over the time of operations, WordPress database may become bloated with unnecessary contents. We will remove all such contents, and optimize database. Database optimization includes fine tuning MySQL/MariaDB/Percona Database Server for optimal performance.

HTTP Optimization

We will optimize HTTP Request and Response and make sure it complies with HTTP/1.1, HTTP/2 SPDY, and HTTP/3 QUIC Protocol.

Image Optimization

We’ll optimize images and ensure lossless image compression. Images will retain the inherent quality while its size will reduce significantly. We will also setup “Lazy Load” images. Images are heavy and consume most of the bandwidth. Unoptimized images also impact negatively page load time. We will ensure every millisecond is saved while loading your website pages into visitors’ browsers.

Minifying and Combining Resources

We will minify resources like HTML, CSS, JS, SVG to make the site load faster. We will combine your CSS and JS static asset files to reduce the number of round-trips between the user’s browser and your server. JS files can also configured to load asynchronously.

Load Balancer

We will setup Load Balancer in front of your web servers so the heavy traffic is distributed among multiple nodes. We will configure NGINX or HAProxy at your choice.

Plugin Optimization

We will inspect, reconfigure and fine tune up your plugins, so that they don’t hamper the site speed performance. Plugins are essential for WordPress. However, some plugins are wolves among the sheep. We will suggest or install alternative plugins where necessary.

Proxy Server

We will setup proxy server your WordPress website. A proxy server between your client and your server can actually speed up your site as well as offer some security to the client request.


We will report you before, during and after the optimization process. We will also suggest you tools and websites where you can compare and measure the improvements we attain.

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