The Steps To Hosting Podcast On WordPress With Soundcloud

Marketing's biggest difficulty is coming up with relevant and interesting content that can help build your business. For this reason, marketers have to try out a wide variety of content kinds to evaluate what engages most with their audience.

Combining content mediums to increase the impact of each channel is an often-overlooked tactic. Among these is audio blogging, which combines textual content with audio in order to make it more appealing to the reader.


People will appreciate the simplicity of listening to your content on the road (through a mobile device) or while doing other things at home or work (such as multitasking). It's true that listening requires less mental effort than reading, but the Internet has really made people quite lazy. As a result, your readers will like hearing your podcasts since it will save them both time and energy.

Invest in Your Network

By having a podcast, you'll be able to better connect with your present audience and meet new people in the process. Developing a personal connection with someone's voice is considerably easier than developing a personal connection with a piece of paper. 

To truly understand and appreciate who you are, your audience must be able to experience hearing your voice. Interacting with them is also possible, and you may even reply to their questions, thoughts, or other feedback that they send.


SoundCloud is one of the most widely used services for listening to music online. This platform is used by millions of musicians to spread their music to new audiences. In addition to music, SoundCloud hosts a large number of worthwhile podcasts.

Now that you're ready to take the next step, there are a plethora of online tools available to assist you. You'll be a podcasting pro in no time if you choose the approach that best matches your needs. Some methods are simpler than others. 

Hosting podcast on Soundcloud

In order to reach your target audience, build a fan base and keep costs down, you should host your podcast on SoundCloud. You don't need a lot of technical know-how to get started and spread the word about your podcast.

Additionally, this platform gives extensive data and analytics for each episode in addition to making it simple to publish your podcast. With the use of this data, you'll be able to increase the quality of your podcast.

As a podcast presenter, you'll find that SoundCloud has options to match any budget and it has made hosting podcast on Soundcloud abundantly easier! There are no limits to the amount of storage or downloads you can accomplish with the free, basic plan.

Set up an account on SoundCloud to host your podcast.

  1. Create a SoundCloud account if you haven't already.
  2. Create an account with a working email address.
  3. As a Display Name, use the name of your podcast.
  4. To activate your account, look in your spam or junk folder for a confirmation email.

You can use SoundCloud's Code to embed your podcast on your website

There are a few options available if you want to embed a specific podcast episode on your WordPress blog. The SoundCloud embed code is the first method.

The embed code can be found when you have signed up for a SoundCloud account and uploaded and published your first podcast episode.

It will open a pop-up window. The embed code can be found by clicking on the Embed tab and copying the code.

It's also possible to preview how the podcast will display on your WordPress site and alter the display settings.

Go to the WordPress post or page that you wish to add the podcast to, and then click on the "Publish" button. Using the Custom HTML Block in the editor, copy and paste the code you want to use

Take a moment to save your progress. Select the Preview button at the top right of the page to listen to a preview of the podcast.

Install the SoundPress WordPress Plugin.

In addition to SoundCloud's official WordPress plugin for hosting podcast on soundcloud, SoundPress, you may connect your SoundCloud podcast by downloading and installing SoundPress.

It's a good idea to utilise this if you're using an earlier version of WordPress or if you still use the Classic Editor.

The Add SoundCloud button will be added to the WordPress editor toolbar after you install and activate it.

A new window will pop up when you do so. The SoundCloud URL can be copied from the SoundCloud platform and pasted here.

Click the Publish button when you're satisfied with how it looks.

Blogging with podcasts 

So as a blogger, why should you contemplate hosting podcast on soundcloud? 

On a regular basis, new podcasts are being posted to websites and blogs everywhere. They're being used for everything from internal memos to employee orientations. It doesn't matter where you are; you can listen to them while driving, in the airport, or at a park.

In order to be useful, you need to provide useful knowledge. Education, information, inspiration, motivation, and amusement all have value. 

It is also important that the podcast that your are making for your blog is effective and engaging. You can do this by being interviewed or by being a part of a discussion panel. By definition, one-person podcasts are less dynamic. Dynamic content sells better.

To put it another way, you generate blog posts that include expert quotes and more based completely on your podcast episode. What's the goal? Repurposed content can be used to create a thorough guide. Listen to the podcast and see if you missed anything. That should be included in the blog post which you have posted on your WordPress site. 

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