WordPress Security and Vulnerability

In this article of the series on WordPress, you’ll be acquainted with WordPress Security and Vulnerability issues. This article, in particular, analyzes, examines and explains WordPress core, themes and plugins for security risks and loopholes and major vulnerabilities.

You will also be familiar with security components and best practices to mitigate such risk factors.


WordPress Features

60,000,000 websites can’t be wrong. Truly, there are plethora of features that made WordPress the best CMS. WordPress brings simplicity at the tip of the fingers, for users and publishers. WordPress is easy-to-use and equally flexible to handle.

You can create almost any sort of website with WordPress. Examples include not limiting to a personal blog, a celebrity website, a photography portal, a corporate website, a magazine, an online newspaper, an online community, even a network of websites.



WordPress is an open source project and free to use. The source code repository is located at WordPress Repository. WordPress is written in PHP programming language.

WordPress is the most popular CMS (Content Management System). CMS WordPress is a content creation and management platform. It is estimated that, WordPress powers 62% of all websites. This covers 35% of top 10,000,000 websites. Overall, WordPress is used by more than 60,000,000 websites worldwide. It is one of the most favorite blog platforms for bloggers. It was first released 17 years ago, in 2003. As of May 27th, 2020, version 5.4 is the latest stable release. WordPress Foundation is the official Developers of WordPress.