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Ernest Marcinko




  • Basic RTL layout support
  • Duplication check – the script now detects and tries to fix duplicate output (ex. menus cloning the search bar) and fixing it’s functionality automatically
  • Removed some old MS CSS filters (alpha opacity)


  • Date format now follows the WP date format
  • Analytics is now correctly triggered only when the search is finished
  • Results page results are no longer limited to a maximum of 500
  • Polylang translated WooCommerce product variations are now display correctly in the correct language
  • New option: Results count per page (General->Behavior), to adjust the results count per page


  • Fixed an issue with the content image parser, that was introduced in the previous release by accident


  • Image parser – now correctly parsing images from post excerpt and contents, even if these fields are not in use


  • Exclude posts – input validation (to prevent extra commas at the end)
  • Image parser – now correctly gets the first image from post contents/excerpts, instead of the second


  • Fixed a rapid return key trigger prevention method


  • Added: Search By post/cpt ID
  • Added: Searching other post statuses is now possible
  • Fix: More robust https detection, as in some cases incorrectly configured site URLs resulted in wrong protocol urls
  • Fix: ‘Redirect to first result’ feature now correctly redirects on both cases


  • Custom CSS box
  • Pro and Lite version differences list
  • Analytics tracker fix
  • Protocolless resource URLs replaced with protocoled version for better compatibility


  • Added OR and AND logic with exact word matches + notice about word boundaries for clarification
  • Added a notice for the back-end, when choosing the Post override method, that the plugin may use Cookies to store the pagination and the filter states (functional cookies only)
  • Better stripping of CSS and script contents
  • Back-end override no longer triggers, when the Post method is enabled
  • Analytics tracker – support of 3rd party plugins and the __gaTracker function
  • domDocument and multibyte functions check before use


  • Fix – Minification issue causing a scrollbar malfunction fixed


  • Change – Main LIKE query re-worked: better cross-field (title, content etc..) matching, better relevance calculation and faster execution
  • Change – Words within double quotes will now be matched exactly (in order), and can be combined with other keywords. For example, entering phrase – “nobel prize” 2018 – will use keywords: “nobel prize” and “2018”
  • Change – The default keyword logic set to AND
  • Fix – Remaining form title labels moved to aria-label attributes
  • Fix – Other minor code bugfixes


  • Input font now can be changed
  • Additional theme options: search box background color, icon colors, icon background colors and border
  • Theme Chooser option moved to Layout Options -> Search box layout panel
  • Theme Chooser option now displays a static preview of the original themes
  • WCAG improvements: some title labels replaced with aria-labels instead
  • Some redundant options removed from the front-end script, fixing apostrophe related issues


  • New Option: to exclude out-of-stock WooCommerce results
  • New option: Exact match location – Starting with, Anywhere, Ending with
  • Post type option re-worked for a better layout, merged with the ‘Search in posts’ and ‘Search in pages’ options
  • By default, the front-end filters are disabled now
  • FixURL function now only accepts 2 parameters, for better compabitlity
  • jQuery 3+ compatibility
  • ‘create_function’ notice fixed on widget creation (PHP 7 support)


  • Post type and Content type CSS classes to results output + new filter: asl_result_css_class
  • The close icon now displays on more occasions
  • .label and .option deprecated classes removed (announced in 4.7.12)
  • $post().fail(…) handler. Outputs errors to the results box if any.
  • The result max height option default value changed to the correct ‘none’ from ‘auto’


  • Redirection location now can be set to a new tab as well
  • Max-height attribute to results container (default: auto)
  • The magnifier and return redirection/action options have been merged
  • The main search input trigger method changed from ‘keyup’ to ‘input’ event
  • The main query now properly gets cancelled when the override query is executed.
  • Fixed container detection – The results and settings container no longer ‘jumps’ when the search bar is placed in a fixed container.


  • Results templating is available now as in the pro version
  • The plugin can remember the last keyword when hitting the browser back button (enable under the Compatibility settings menu)
  • .option and .label CSS classes deprecated, replaced by asl_option_inner and .asl_option_label classes (location: front-end drop-down settings)
  • Visibility exclusion for older WooCommerce versions (with post meta solution)
  • Result keyword highlighter now support unicode character sets on exact word matching


  • WPML compatibility fix, where links sometimes pointed to incorrect location
  • asl_print_search_query filter added to the search input text on the results page
  • Minification of all front-end CSS files, ~35% space saved
  • New CSS classes: asl_w, asl_m, asl_s, asl_r (global class, main box class, settings box class, results box class)


  • Category exclusions issue fixed, where excluded categories caused whole, not affected post types to get excluded
  • ACF image field gets parsed correctly when image custom field is selected as image source
  • Some more acessibility fixes


  • Added an option to open results in a new tab
  • Added accessibility switch for back-end configuration
  • Web accessibility fixes in HTML layout (forms, inputs, labels etc..)
  • Mobile checkbox trigger fix
  • Translation fix for ‘No results’ text


  • Compatibility settings: Fallback option for old IE (<=8) browsers
  • Compatibility settings: Option to disable loading google fonts
  • Assets are now loaded protocolless
  • :before and :after elements within the form are now forced to invisible (compatibility)
  • String translation function now supports qTranslatex


  • Checkbox labels are now clickable
  • Input focus and results opening now works if there is no search phrase entered
  • Back-end menu links were changed to a nicer URL
  • Context find bugfix – where with empty phrase the search might return the full text
  • Fixed a bug with WPML where product variations were displayed in incorrect language
  • Fixed 3 WooCommerce related error messages
  • IOS devices will no longer zoom unexpectedly
  • Function keys [F1-F12] will not trigger the search anymore
  • PHP Compatibility checker false positive fix: __sleep(), __clone() and __wakeup() magic method overrides removed


  • Nicer URLs on redirection in some cases
  • Typo fixes in CSS files
  • WooCommerce: Product variation title repetition fix
  • WooCommerce: Product variations now respect the parent product status
  • WooCommerce: Hidden products now can be excluded (enabled by default)
  • Added an exception filter to allow stop plugin loading completely: asl_stop_loading filter
  • Content image parser – now converts the content to UTF8 first


  • A category filtering bug fixed
  • Better compatibility with ACF


  • Clicking on the input or on empty character input the plugin will open the latest successful result list
  • Empty space bar trigger fix
  • Mobile submit issue fix
  • Phrases matching the start of titles have a much greater relevance now
  • Moved the search placeholder text option to the correct tab on the back-end


  • Better context finder
  • Custom field options updated to ajax, to prevent issues
  • Results page orderby and order query variables respect
  • WooCommerce results page price filter and ordering respect
  • Mobile device related fixes
  • Ajax page loading related fixes
  • Custom field based filtering optimizations


  • Featured image source size is adjustable
  • Shortcode now functions as menu item
  • WooCommerce catalog visibility is now respected
  • Mobile bugfix: double tap issue
  • WPML translation issue fix


  • Default character count to trigger set to 0
  • Node.js and Require.js module loading disabled, as not neccessary.
  • Curvy themes, background is white, changed to transparent


  • FROM action tag removed
  • qtranslateX comppatibility functions
  • Override bugfix, where it was enabled even if disabled
  • asl_results execution fix, where it was executed two times, instead of one
  • more results link override fix, where it redirected only, without override
  • New redirection options for Magnifier and Enter events
  • Custom redirection URI scheme option
  • Polylang string translations support
  • asl_custom_fonts filter to access font inclusions
  • asl_layout_in_form action to access form
  • GET method is now the default for override
  • Session is removed, using COOKIES instead, yumm
  • asl_active query variable removed for POST requests


  • Scroll script is now possible to turn off
  • Better scroll script compatibility and namespace
  • Polylang compatibility implemented
  • Image width and height issue solved
  • Permalinkg name search implemented
  • Fixed an issue with string encodings


  • Category exclusions for objects without assigned terms fix
  • WooCommerce form override is now possible (if supported)
  • Additional init method for redundancy (window.load)
  • Init data moved to div attributes instead of content
  • Scrollbar updated to latest version
  • Font import removed, using wp_enqueue_style() instead


  • Keyword logic option added (OR, AND)
  • Checkbox layout changed to flex
  • Allow search in all custom fields option
  • Settings no longer hide when search is triggered


  • Session related fixes and optimizations
  • Bakc-end script fixes


  • Keyword highlighting implemented
  • IE11 back-end fixes
  • Removed unused and deprecated files
  • W3C style validation related fix


  • Mobile close button fix
  • Mobile keyboard behavior fix
  • QtranslateX compatibility fix
  • Initialization fix
  • Better back-end script loading
  • Debug information fixed


  • Core reworked to a much better structure
  • Visual Composer bugfix
  • Better shortcode stripping algo
  • More performant context finder
  • imagecache.class.php file removal
  • Animations have been replaced with CSS3 animations
  • Primary and Secondary ordering implemented
  • Placeholder WPML string translation ready
  • Private custom fields are displayed on the back-end now
  • Option saving returns to the parent tab
  • Search box and results override
  • Ajax detection initializer
  • Javascript sources & initialization switch
  • Width and Margin option
  • Results position and width fix for low bar widths


  • New menu: Compatibility Options
  • Compatibility allowing to force case sensitive, insensitive, UTF8 and UNICODE queries
  • Excerpt search fixed
  • CSS fixes, including a placeholder fix
  • A new escaping method, supporting more characters


  • Autocomplete and Keyword suggestions introduced
  • Keyboard navigation fixes
  • 3 new curvy styles
  • Animation and navigation fixes


  • Scripts are moved to the footer by default
  • Inline scripts removed, using JS files for initialization
  • Description context option introduced
  • A CSS fix for title display
  • An image parsing fix


  • New menus: Performance Options and Support
  • JSON responses transformed into HTML
  • Input focusing after clicking on close button
  • Added an option to control the facet change event
  • Custom Ajax Handler implemented
  • Image cropping disabled, added an option to control it
  • Debug data gathering for more effective support
  • Some scrolling issues fixes
  • A category and term related bug fixed


  • Major Query optimizations
  • Scrolling calculation and experience fixes
  • CSS fixes for older IE browsers
  • Input elements changed to flex layout
  • Bugs fixed where input would resize to 0 pixels
  • Term exclusion is now possible by ID
  • Mobile search and type fix
  • WooCommerce product variation Title and URL fixes


  • WPML compatibility fix
  • A possible security issue fix


  • Updated engine with full UTF8 charset support
  • Languages like chinese, persian are now searchable
  • Language files added


  • Fixed long label names in frontend settings dropdown
  • Title and description substrings at word endings
  • Removed an unneccessary CSS rule
  • Fixed a bug with custom post type names


  • Hotfix for disabled categories


  • Fully reworked from version 1.7
  • Added 30+ more options & much nicer options panel
  • Brand new themes: Simple, Classic and Underline
  • Google analytics integration
  • Now possible to search custom post types
  • Possible to search custom fields and excerpts
  • Possible to exclude categories and posts by ID-s
  • Possible to change image sources and set a default image
  • Possible to add custom field and category selectors to the frontend


  • Reworked the admin section
  • New template: metro blue


  • Removed an unnecessary link


  • Stripping shortcodes from results content


  • Security fix


  • 2 brand new themes!
  • Very stable custom built javascript
  • Stabilised frontend and backend
  • All compatibility issues fixed


  • Search widget added
  • Multisite fix


  • Disappear bugfix
  • WordPress 3.5 compatible


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17 Nov, 2012

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