Plugin / Bitcoin / Altcoin Faucet

Alexey Trofimov



V1.5.0 – 17.11.2019

FaucetSystem is out for now, looks like they did not recover.
Better balance handling.

V1.4.1 – 12.11.2019

Chrome compatibility fixed.

V1.4.0 – 12.11.2019

Faucet Exchange List is off for now.
Adjustments to FaucetHub going out of business, is the replacement.
CoinHive is completely off now.
Added Video: API key.
Minor fixes in the code.

V1.3.2 – 22.06.2019

Crypto-loot adjustment

V1.3.1 – 06.05.2019

Minor fixes.

V1.3.0 – 06.05.2019

Micropayment systems communication reliability increased.

V1.2.0 – 28.03.2019

Discontinued CoinHive Captcha replaced by CryptoLoot Captcha.
Minor bugs fixed.

V1.1.0 – 27.12.2018

Major release.

V1.0.15 – 14.11.2018

Altcoin adresses validation fixed.

V1.0.14 – 09.11.2018

New Altcoins supported.

V1.0.13 – 29.10.2018

Extra tab with handy stuff added, some improvements in the Faucet List.

V1.0.12 – 31.07.2018

CoinHive and RainCaptcha are supported now.

V1.0.11 – 07.07.2018

“Send Coins” functionality is back

V1.0.10 – 27.06.2018

Several minor bugs fixed, code optimized.
AdBlock detection became more aggressive after bot activity detected.
Please keep “Detect and block users with ad blocking software” on in the Security Settings!

V1.0.9 – 18.12.2017

Several bugs fixed.
Service descriptions are added.
Timer goes only in foreground.
Reflink is social, yay! =)

V1.0.8 – 27.10.2017 added (strongly recommended!).
“Send coins” functionality is temporary disabled.
Minor bug fixes.

V1.0.7 – 25.03.2017

SolveMedia and FunCaptcha added.

V1.0.6 – 17.01.2017

Minor cosmetic changes. Better handling of HTTPS.

V1.0.5 – 17.01.2017

Minor cosmetic changes. Faucet exchange list improvements.

V1.0.4 – 07.01.2017

Default settings were changed to simplify the configuration, minor bugs fixed. Happy Holidays! =)

V1.0.3 – 30.12.2016

Minor bugs fixed, minor improvements added.

V1.0.2 – 28.12.2016

Appearance options changed, configuration streamlined, minor bugs fixed

V1.0.1 – 27.12.2016

Appearance options added, minor bugs fixed

V1.0.0 – 24.12.2016

Initial public release


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