Plugin / BNS Early Adopter

Edward Caissie




  • Released August 2015
  • Updated to use PHP5 constructor objects


  • Released May 2015
  • Added “BNS Early Adopter Update Message” function
  • Added better i18n support
  • Added default .po and en_CA translation files
  • Minor documentation updates
  • Removed extraneous comments and updated copyright years


  • Released November 2014
  • Changed textdomain to bns-early-adopter from bns-ea
  • Added sanity checks for BNS_CUSTOM_* define statements
  • Updated readme.txt tags* Updated readme.txt tags* Updated readme.txt tags


  • Released May 2014
  • Added optional shortcode_atts filter variable
  • Added plugin_data method
  • Added new FAQ referencing the /bns-customs/ folder location
  • Define location for BNS plugin customizations
  • Move to use generic folder for all “BNS” plugins to use
  • Updated required version of WordPress to 3.6
  • Updated compatibility version
  • Updated copyright years


  • Released December 2013
  • Code Reformatting and version compatibility update


  • Released July 2013
  • Corrected Administrator Only conditional and added admin only classes
  • Added filter for “Administrator ONLY View” text


  • Released April 2013
  • Fixed conditional logic used to display plugin
  • Refactored where $ea_display boolean value is set


  • Release February 2013
  • Added code block termination comments
  • Added more i18n compatibility
  • Change to PHP5 style class code format
  • Changed constructor function name (BNS_Early_Adopter_Widget) to __construct (i.e.: PHP5 code format)
  • Moved all code into class structure
  • Moved bnsea_display out of widget method
  • Pushed minimum required WordPress version to 3.2 to handle PHP5 requirement
  • Renamed BNSEA_Scripts_and_Styles to scripts_and_styles


  • Release November 2012
  • Documentation updates
  • Optimized output buffer code used in the shortcode function
  • Remove load_plugin_textdomain as redundant


  • Documentation updates
  • Programmatically add version number to enqueue calls


  • Compatible with WordPress 3.4.1


  • Fix issue of plugin not displaying with stable versions


  • Added margin: 0 to ‘h3.bnsea-output’
  • Updated screenshot


  • Added release candidate option


  • Added conditional display widget check: if no version is checked, or no matching version is found the widget will not be displayed.
  • Cleaned up grammar conditional statements
  • Added only show administrators option
  • Added shortcode support
  • Added screenshot of default widget option panel


  • Initial Release.


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