Plugin / Bootstrap for Contact Form 7

Felix Arntz




  • Added: support for input groups for number tags
  • Added: support for conditional loading of styles and scripts
  • Enhanced: Labels now allow basic inline HTML markup
  • Fixed: Acceptance validation not showing message


  • Fixed: plugin compatibility with Contact Form 7 version 5.0 acceptance checkbox triggering submit button


  • Fixed: plugin compatibility with Contact Form 7 version 5.0 acceptance checkbox triggering submit button
  • Fixed: plugin compatibility with Contact Form 7 after refactor removing jQuery.fn.wpcf7ClearResponseOutput() function


  • Fixed: plugin compatibility with Contact Form 7 version 4.9 input type radio default required


  • Fixed: critical bug with REALLY SIMPLE CAPTCHA not showing image


  • Fixed: plugin compatibility fatal errors with Contact Form 7 version 4.8 related to form validation and REALLY SIMPLE CAPTCHA
  • Fixed: Contact Form 7 version 4.7 features are now being used
  • Fixed: correct styles for latest Contact Form 7 versions are now being printed


  • Fixed: plugin compatibility fatal errors with Contact Form 7 version 4.6 with count and CAPTCHA shortcodes


  • Fixed: plugin is now compatible with Contact Form 7 version 4.6 and its renamed functions / classes


  • Enhanced: all form settings except submit_size, submit_type and required_html can now be overridden on a per-field basis by providing the setting name and its intended value as a shortcode attribute
  • Enhanced: a new value ‘none’ is now supported for the layout form setting which will prevent any wrapper from rendering; it is recommended to only use this for advanced field layouts
  • Enhanced: a new attribute label_class can now be added to shortcodes for additional label classes
  • Enhanced: input_before and input_after now support HTML by putting something like `{input_before}Content before{/input_before} into the content of a field shortcode (make sure to use curly braces); this method is now recommended and takes precedence over the old way
  • Fixed: the label of the free_text option in radio buttons / checkboxes is now displayed correctly


  • Enhanced: alerts can now be made dismissible by defining the constant CF7BS_ALERT_DISMISSIBLE
  • Fixed: properly add for attributes to labels for checkbox and radio groups for accessibility
  • Fixed: wrapped checkbox and radio groups with <fieldset> for accessibility; needs to be manually enabled by defining the constant CF7BS_FIELDSET_WRAP (because of possible backwards compatibility issues with styling)
  • Fixed: ID is no longer created for button groups which have an empty ID specified


  • Added: the new Google reCAPTCHA shortcode is now supported
  • Enhanced: added an additional filter to adjust form field arguments
  • Enhanced: a notice in the admin is now shown if the plugin cannot be initialized
  • Enhanced: language files no longer bundled in the plugin; now completely relies on language packs
  • Fixed: form element errors are now displayed correctly on horizontal forms and hidden on inline forms
  • Fixed: plugin constant definitions now happen on ‘plugins_loaded’ hook
  • Fixed: typo ‘dismissable’ in alert setting / class is now ‘dismissible’
  • Fixed: readme link to ‘Additional Settings’ now translateable


  • Tweaked: added textdomain for
  • Fixed: defaults are now working correctly on all field types
  • Fixed: the label for attribute is no longer printed if no ID has been provided


  • Enhanced: Arguments for every field are now filtered to allow detailed adjustments


  • Fixed: CSS is now specific to the contact form to prevent conflicts


  • Added: the captchar shortcode now supports an ‘include_captchac’ option to display the captcha image inline with the input field
  • Added: the textarea shortcode and all other text inputs now support an ‘include_count’ option to display their character count inline with them
  • Enhanced: the default grid column count of Bootstrap can now be overridden using the form property ‘grid_columns’
  • Enhanced: the textarea shortcode now supports ‘input_before’ and ‘input_after’ (content is displayed above / below the textarea)
  • Enhanced: the submit button size can now be adjusted separately from the rest of the form’s size
  • Tweaked: captcha images now have their image size adjusted to the ‘size’ form property by default
  • Tweaked: --- typed in the ‘input_before’ or ‘input_after’ option will render as a space in the frontend
  • Fixed: minlength and maxlength attributes are now honored by all text inputs and textareas


  • Added: new CF7 count shortcode is now supported
  • Enhanced: form properties can now be modified without any code (i.e. without a filter); the properties can be defined in the new “Additional Settings” tab of Contact Form 7
  • Enhanced: textual inputs now support Bootstrap’s input group feature
  • Enhanced: checkbox and radio types can now show an actual label; it is only used as the checkbox label if no option is provided
  • Tweaked: plugin now adheres to WordPress Coding Standards
  • Fixed: improved display method for captcha images
  • Fixed: textarea row attribute now honored
  • Fixed: free_text attribute on checkbox and radio types now honored
  • Fixed: form attribute ‘group_type’ now honored
  • Fixed: additional CF7 styles are now outputted in the head
  • Fixed: check if CF7 functions are available before calling them


  • Fixed: exclusive option for checkbox now working
  • Fixed: default option for radio/checkbox now working
  • Fixed: PHP notice for radio/checkbox with only one option
  • Fixed: Captcha not valid message now only shows up once as it is supposed to


  • Added: new attribute ‘align’ can be added to the submit button
  • Enhanced: submit button now positioned properly according to form layout
  • Fixed: select and radio/checkbox options now use the main plugin’s get_data_option method


  • First stable version


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