Plugin / Broken Link Manager

Hüseyin Kocak




  • Optimized POST calls
  • Some security measures were taken
  • Fixed small bug


  • Take measure against XSS attack


  • Some security measures were taken
  • Fixed small bug


  • Take measure against SQL injection attack
  • Added French Language (Thanks, Thomas L’Excellent)


  • Compatibility with WP 4.2.2
  • Fixed empty Log feature same Small bug


  • Compatibility with WP 4.2
  • Small bug fixes.
  • Added optional empty Log feature


  • Optimized plugin install (Database table query)
  • Added German Language
  • Added Turkish Language
  • Added Language Master File (wblm.pot)
    If you send your language to translate. We were very pleased and will be added along with your name.


  • Compatibility with WP 4.1


  • Added Bulk Edit feature (Broken and Redirected URLs)
  • Added Empty All Log feature
  • Added Empty All Broken URLs feature


  • Added link type (image, page, video, ..)
  • Added multilanguage feature


  • wp_debug_log warnings were organized.
  • Added Bulk delete feature
  • Added Bulk delete feature for LOG
  • Added menu icon
  • Beta version now ended

0.2.9 BETA

  • When the first activation, the default redirect URL is passive.
  • Plugin menu was organized according to user roles. (Roles_and_Capabilities)
    Fix “Notice: has_cap was called with an argument that is deprecated since version 2.0!” in WordPress
  • All notices given in WB_DEBUG_LOG was held.
  • Beta version ended (0.3.0)

0.2.8 BETA

  • Added new visual features.
  • Fixed plugin activation error
  • coding optimization was

0.2.7 BETA

  • Corrected error log entries
  • Added menu icon
  • MySQL version feature added

0.2.6 BETA

  • WordPress Tables integrated. Small bug fixes.

0.2.5 BETA

  • Log optimized.

0.2.4 BETA

  • Tables were optimized.
  • Mail sending optimized.

0.2.3 BETA

  • Added new graph visualization.
  • Added orginal WordPress Table (WP List Table)

0.2.2 BETA

  • Added new visual features.
  • Added delete and edit feature.

0.2.1 BETA

  • Added Waybackmachine feature
    You can see the old version of broken links
  • You can see the ref url and visitors IP (in LOG)

0.2.0 BETA

  • Created graphics in the admin panel
  • Now has a name : WBLM -> WordPress Broken Link Manager
  • plugin was organized

0.1.9 BETA

  • Added default URL feature
  • Can set active or passive (Setting -> Default URL)

0.1.8 BETA

  • Added Setting feature
  • Can set email setting -> (Setting -> Email to, from, CC and BCC)

0.1.7 BETA

  • Features can be active or passive
  • Added URL Hit feature

0.1.6 ALPHA

  • plug-in was organized

0.1.5 ALPHA

  • Added Bootstrap Table for Broken URLs list
  • Change Admin Panel

0.1.4 ALPHA

  • Added lOG
  • MySQL was organized structure
  • Added new visual features.

0.1.3 ALPHA

  • Added manuel URL add feature

0.1.2 ALPHA

  • Added an email alert feature
  • URL redirect whit 301 method

0.1.1 ALPHA

  • Added an email alert feature

0.1.0 ALPHA

  • The First Release


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