Plugin / Cactus Masonry Plus



  • Fixed an issue that stopped the dateFormat parameter from working correctly

  • Fixed an issue with html character replacing in post titles

  • Fixed the links in the readme file

  • Fixed a bug that caused some lowercase orderby parameters to fail
  • Fixed a bug that caused results to be returned in reverse order on each page

  • Fixed a bug where pretty pagination permalinks would break the pagination

  • Fixed an issue where images were being rendered too tall with maximum widths set
  • Fixed a rare issue where the gallery may appear with scrollbars due to theme conflicts
  • Added an offset to the lazyLoad function such that the gallery will load images up to 1000px beyond the end of the window
  • Fixed an issue with lazyLoading WP gallery based galleries
  • Fixed a bug that was causing the linkAction parameter to fail when set to anything other than post
  • Enabled the linkAction method on WP gallery based galleries
  • Fixed an issue that could cause percentage width bricks to wrap when they shouldn’t. For example, 50% width bricks may not fit together side-by-side.

  • Fixed a JavaScript bug that could break the gallery on some sites

  • Added banner images and screenshots to the repository

  • Added ‘Getting Started’ page to WordPress dashboard

  • Fixed a bug that sometimes causes one brick to flow over another brick
  • Fixed a bug where the post data box would appear even when it had no content
  • Fixed a bug that caused the post linking behaviour to fail or work unpredictably
  • Updated the readme
  • Added some screenshots to the WordPress plugin repository

  • Fixed numerous sizing and spacing bugs.
  • Added lazy load support

  • Major improvement to image scaling and sizing under a variety of conditions. Fixed how max heights are handled.
  • Added the ability to include category names in the search result meta box.

  • Fix for a potential issue that may cause the plugin to fail to activate under certain conditions

  • Added a new theme which enables the data box to be positioned below each brick
  • Added the ability to specify where each brick links to when clicked. This can either be set to the post, the full sized image, the large sized image, the medium sized image, the thumbnail sized image, or nowhere at all.
  • Added the ability to have the author’s name behave like a link when clicked – linking to the author’s URL.
  • Added infinite scroll for large galleries.
  • Fixed a bug that could cause the gallery to fail if certain new and upcoming parameters were set to false.
  • Fixed an issue where a blank numerical parameter could cause the gallery to fail.

  • Fixed a major bug that prevented the ‘includedPostIds’ and ‘excludedPostIds’ parameters from functioning
  • Improved the efficiency of the plugin’s filtering of the ‘includedPostIds’ and ‘excludedPostIds’ parameters when empty
  • Moved script tags to the footer for content prioritized page loading and to improve SEO

  • Updated WordPress repository tags
  • Updated logo for WordPress repository
  • Updated readme header information
  • Updated compatability information

  • Fixed issue with incorrectly referenced JS in initial release
  • Changed install directory to match the directory assigned by WordPress

  • Styling fix to stop pagination from being cropped from the gallery when displayed on some pages
  • Documentation links updated to match new documentation website
  • Documentation updated to reflect the plugin’s feature set

  • First beta release.

  • Initial concept build


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