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There are many factors that could go wrong that would prevent a post from updating. Before you submit a support ticket, please ensure that: the plugin can access Jetpack – go to the Jetpack Post Views Settings page and make sure that at least one of the connections is green the post is getting views – go to your Jetpack Stats page and make sure that the post is actually getting views an entire day has gone by with no updates – Jetpack Post Views only updates once every hour, so letting a day go by will make sure that the plugin truly isn’t working If the post still isn’t updating, please open a support ticket and include the following information along with a description of what the problem is. This will help me try to identify where the problem could be: Is the post a custom post type? Does the post belong to a custom category/tag? Does your site have over 500 posts? In the Jetpack Post Views Settings page, which of the 3 connections are green?
Use the function ‘JPV_display_top_posts()’ Usage Default Usage ‘-1’, ‘limit’ => ‘5’, ‘exclude’ => ”, ‘excludeCustomPostTypes’ => false, ‘displayViews’ => false ); ?>Parameters days – (string) The number of days of the desired time frame. ‘-1’ means unlimited. limit – (string) The number of posts to display. ‘-1’ means unlimited. If days is -1, then limit is capped at 500. exclude – (string) A comma-separated list of Post IDs to be excluded from displaying. excludeCustomPostTypes – (boolean) Excludes custom post types from displaying. displayViews – (boolean) Displays the post views. NOTE This function only works if the function stats_get_csv() exists. If this function is not working probably, it is probably due to the stats_get_csv() function not returning the needed results.
Use the shortcode ‘[jpv]’ The shotcode uses the same parameters as the ‘JPV_display_top_posts()’ function


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