Plugin / Limit Login Attempts Reloaded





  • Trusted IP origins option has been added.


  • Extra lockout options are back.


  • The plugin doesn’t trust any IP addresses other than _SERVER[“REMOTE_ADDR”] anymore. Trusting other IP origins make protection useless b/c they can be easily faked. This new version provides a way of secure IP unlocking for those sites that use a reverse proxy coupled with misconfigurated servers that populate _SERVER[“REMOTE_ADDR”] with wrong IPs which leads to mass blocking of users.


  • The lockout alerts can be sent to a configurable email address now.


  • Settings page is moved back to “Settings”.


  • Settings are moved to a separate page.
  • Fixed: login error message.


  • A security issue inherited from the ancestor plugin Limit Login Attempts has been fixed.


  • GDPR compliance implemented.

  • Fixed: ip_in_range() loop $ip overrides itself causing invalid results.

  • Fixed: the plugin was locking out the same IP address multiple times, each with a different port.


  • Added support of Sucuri Website Firewall.


  • Fixed the issue with backslashes in usernames.


  • Plugin returns the 403 Forbidden header after the limit of login attempts via XMLRPC is reached.

  • Added support of IP ranges in white/black lists.

  • Lockouts now can be released selectively.

  • Fixed the issue with encoding of special symbols in email notifications.


  • Added Multi-site Compatibility and additional MU settings.


  • Usernames and IP addresses can be white-listed and black-listed now.
  • The lockouts log has been inversed.


  • IP addresses can be white-listed now.
  • A “Gateway” column is added to the lockouts log. It shows what endpoint an attacker was blocked from.
  • The “Undefined index: client_type” error is fixed.


  • Removed the “Handle cookie login” setting as they are now obsolete.
  • Added bruteforce protection against Woocommerce login page attacks.
  • Added bruteforce protection against XMLRPC attacks.


  • The site connection settings are now applied automatically and therefore have been removed from the admin interface.
  • Now compatible with PHP 5.2 to support some older WP installations.


  • fixed PHP Warning: Illegal offset type in isset or empty
  • fixed the deprecated functions issue
  • Fixed error with function arguments:
  • added time stamp to unsuccessful tries on the plugin configuration page.
  • fixed .po translation files issue.
  • code refactoring and optimization.


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27 Jul, 2016

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