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1.8.3 (20-01-2018)

  • Compatible up to WordPress 4.9
  • Fixed warning for dates that do not include ‘-‘ character.

1.8.2 (21-04-2016)

  • Compatible up to WordPress 4.5

1.8 (08-09-2014)

  • Compatible up to WordPress 4.0
  • If no links match the shortcode, an alternative text is displayed if provided, via [links alttext=”This text will be displayed when no links have been found matching the shortcode.”]

1.7 (16-06-2014)

  • Compatible up to WordPress 3.9.1
  • Star rating of links can now be displayed on other backgrounds than white by providing your own background image. Use [links emptystarsimg=”absolutepathto/filename” fullstarsimg=”absolutepathto/filename”] to indicate your own replacements of the emptystars.png and fullstars.png images.

1.6.2 (28-12-2013)

  • Compatible up to WordPress 3.8

1.6.1 (29-09-2013)

  • Fixed issue with initializing Links shortcode template on first activation.
  • Fixed issue with table names not starting with the default ‘wp_’.

1.6 (02-09-2013)

  • In WordPress 3.5 the Link manager is disabled by default if you don’t have any Links. This plugin now enables it anyway (which would be a logical thing to do if you want to use Links Shortcodes) in exactly the same way that the Links Manager plugin does this.
  • A HTML class can be added to a shortcode to enable custom CSS for each shortcode. Use [links class=”your_class” ..] as a shortcode and [class] in the template on the settings page.
  • The default CSS is now optional
  • Small bug fixes

1.5 (13-06-2013)

  • Added long desired option to paginate links. Let me know your opinion so I can improve where necessary.
  • Removed “Links Shortcode” link to settings from Settings menu. Plugin settings can now only be found in the Links menu, where it should be.
  • The default template now includes code for link ratings (
  • The plugin now supports nested shortcodes as described in

1.4.1 (01-03-2013)

  • Fixed issue where newly installed plugin does not contain a default template, resulting in no links being shown by default.

1.4 (27-02-2013)

  • Made Facebook button SSL friendly as well, to prevent https security warnings
  • Compatible with latest version of WordPress
  • Small bug fixes (making code neater)

1.3 (21-07-2012)

  • Corrected code to be SSL friendly.
  • Added option to choose Facebook like button color (light or dark).
  • Added functionality to save the date on which links are added or updated. This date is also available for sorting (use [links orderby=”link_updated”]). The date is also availabel for display, where it can be overruled by adding the date in front of the link title as yyyy-mm-dd followed by ‘:’.
  • Added the following fields to display dates in the links template: [date], [date_year], [date_month], [date_day].
  • Added a link to the settings page to the Links menu, where they should be easier to find. The settings page can also still be found under Settings.
  • Officially removed support for displaying category name, as this field is not supported by WordPress in almost all cases. The value will still be supported if available.


  • Fixed issue where settings were deleted when the plugin was deactivated. Now, settings will only be deleted on uninstall.
  • Link_owner now displays the owner’s display name instead of the useless owner ID.
  • Added a new template tag “[link_rating_stars]” which displays the rating of a link using 0 to 5 stars.
  • Improved the manual at


  • Added compatibility with ‘My Link Order’ plugin
  • Fixed bug in link retrieving logic


  • Added some example templates to choose from, including one that shows images (if you have entered image urls for your links)
  • Added compatibility with what ‘Andy’s Link Last Edited Meta Box’ does WordPress’s link_updated field (thanks to wlindley)


  • Added customizable template to display links in any way you like
  • Added customizable alternative layout in case link property is empty


  • Corrected spelling error


  • Fixed issues where links showed too much space below and/or above a link.


  • A Settings page has been added to set the most common default options.
  • Translation support has been added for the Settings page.
  • Stylesheet and layout have been improved to better display the links without the Facebook button.


  • The first stable release at the plugin repository.


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