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Etsy Keyword Tool: The Best Tool To Boost Your Sales in 2023

Are you planning to sell on Etsy? Trying to increase sales? Then take a look at the best Etsy keyword tool we've listed to boost your Etsy sales. 

Etsy now holds the tag of being the largest American e-commerce company for handmade or vintage items and craft supplies.

If you're willing to become an Etsy seller or boost your sales on this platform, it is essential to know how to optimize your product listings for Etsy search engines. 

As optimized product listings will help increase the visibility of your products to potential customers.

So how do you optimize your product listings? One effective way to achieve this is by leveraging Etsy keyword tools. 

In this blog post, we will know the best Etsy keyword tools available in 2023 and how those tools can help you optimize your listings. 

What Is An Etsy Keyword Tool?

An Etsy Keyword Tool is a valuable resource for sellers on the Etsy platform. It helps you identify the best keywords to use in your product listings to improve their visibility and ranking in Etsy search results. 

These tools give you metrics of the keywords that shoppers use to search for products on Etsy and give you insights into which keywords are popular and trending and which have low competition and minimal chances of increasing your product visibility. 

By using an Etsy Keyword Tool, you can optimize your product listings with the most effective keywords to attract more potential customers and increase your sales on the platform.

Why Should You Use Etsy Keyword Tools?

You might think Etsy isn't a search engine like Bing, Google, or Yandex, so there's no need to use any keyword optimization or research tools. Though it's true that Etsy isn't a search engine, it has its own search engine to display products related to users' input keywords.

Here are some of the top reasons why you should use an Etsy keyword tool:

To let more people see your product

When you use the right set of keywords in your product listings, you'll improve the chances of your products being found by potential customers. This, in turn, can increase your sales and revenue.

To rank higher in Etsy search ranking

Using the most searched and high-ranking keywords in your product listings will improve your search ranking on Etsy. It's also important to rank higher and appear on the first page because most consumers decide on products from the first page. 

To reach your product to the right audience

Adding relevant keywords to your products will attract the right audiences who are looking for products similar to yours. And when you reach the right consumers, you'll have better chances of selling your products.

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Benefits Of Using Etsy Keyword Tools

There are many benefits to using Etsy keyword tools. Here are some of the top benefits:

Research high-ranking keywords

Most Etsy keyword tools help you identify the most popular keywords shoppers use to search for products on Etsy. 

Assists in identifying low-competition keywords

Etsy keyword tools also help you identify keywords that have low competition. By using these keywords in your product listings, you'll increase your chances of ranking high in Etsy search results and getting your products in front of potential customers.

Outrank your competitors

As the number of sellers is increasing on Etsy gradually, so is the competition; without knowing the ideal keywords for all products, it will be too difficult for you to compete with other sellers.  

Thankfully, with Etsy keyword tools, you can compete and outrank your competitors by identifying keywords that your competitors aren't using. 

Don't need to do manual work

Manually researching for top-ranking keywords or keywords your competitors use for product listing is very time-consuming and tedious. You can find top-ranking, trending, and competitor keywords with Etsy keyword tools. 

Know customers' search trends and preferences: Some Etsy keyword tools also provide valuable insights into customers' search trends and preferences; by analyzing which, you'll be able to identify trends and adjust your product listing based on that.

Top Best Etsy Keyword Tools In 2023

Due to the growth of Etsy, now many companies are offering keyword tools especially designed and built for Etsy. Let's see some of the top Etsy keyword tools in 2023 that will help you unlock your shop's full potential. 

Additionally, these tools will not only assist you in finding the perfect keywords for your product listings but also help you stay competitive, boost your search ranking, and ultimately top Etsy keyword tools in 2023 that will help you unlock your shop's full potential. 

These tools help find perfect keywords for your Etsy listings to stay competitive and increase sales. They're a must-have for all sellers. Let's explore the best ones!

1) ERank

eRank is a popular tool that provides a range of features to enhance your shop's performance. These features include keyword research, competitor tracking and trend analysis. With eRank, you can identify popular product keywords among Etsy shoppers and use them to improve your tags and titles.

Here are the features of Erank:

  • Keyword Research
  • Rank checker
  • ROI calculator
  • Hashtag generator
  • Trend buzz
  • Listing Analysis
  • Traffic stats
  • Delivery status
  • Sales map
  • Compare listing
  • Personalized Recommendations, and many more.

Pros and Cons of Eranks


Comprehensive keyword research and analysis tools

Range of features and tools for better sales

Affordable pricing plans


To use some features, you may require prior experience

Pricing Plans for Eranks

Eranks offers three pricing plans: Basic, Pro, and Expert.:

Basic: $5.99/month

Pro: $9.99/month 

Expert: $29.99/month

2) Marmalead

Marmalead is another popular Etsy keyword tool that offers a range of features to help you optimize your product listings. Some of Marmalead's key features:

Top features of marmalead: 

  • Powerful brainstorming tools to find keywords that real shoppers are using
  • Detailed analysis of keywords, including real search volume and engagement
  • Market-based pricing and days to ship information
  • Letter grades for SEO and Sales Factors to ensure listings are built for success
  • Seasonality and trend analysis
  • Shipping information 
  • Side-by-side comparison of search phrase metrics

Pros and Cons of Marmalead


The tool provides a detailed analysis of keywords, including real search volume and engagement

Marmalead offers pricing and days-to-ship information. This can help sellers price their products competitively and improve their shop's performance.


Limited features compared to other Etsy keyword tools

Pricing Plans for Marmalead

Marmalead offers only one pricing plan, which will cost you only $19 / month or $15.83/month if you pay annually.

3) Alura

Alura is an Etsy keyword tool that helps sellers find profitable keywords to use in their product descriptions.

Top features of Alura: 


  • Learning resources to get the best of its features
  • Analyze any Etsy shop to get insight into their key stats, pricing strategy, and more
  • Easy to use and navigate modern interface
  • AI Assistant to create customer support answers, and compelling product descriptions, and write customer review responses.


The cost can be expensive for many new sellers. 

Pricing Plans for Alura

Alura offers three pricing plans: One is completely free, where you'll have access to basic tools, the second one is the starter which costs $19,99; and the third one is professional, which comes with a monthly subscription price of $29,99.

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4) EtsyHunt

EtsyHunt is a comprehensive Etsy keyword tool that offers a range of features to help you optimize your product listings. 

Some top features of EtsyHunt

  • Etsy product database to search for products directly from EtsyHunt 
  • Know metrics such as 7-dau sales, total sales, favorites, and reviews
  • Etsy Products Ranking with a top chart and new trending
  • Know competitor's lack of inventory preparation or operational mistakes,

Pros and Cons of EtsyHunt


Visualization and country-based reports

CPC (Cost per click) and PD (paying difficulty) for keywords

Monthly search of google web and shopping search

Popular word cloud to discover more related keywords


Must have to upgrade to the Pro version to access all of the tool's benefits.

Pricing Plans for EtsyHunt

EtsyHunt has two paid subscription plans: the basic plan is $3.99 monthly, and the pro plan is $19.99 monthly.

5) Sale Samurai

Many Etsy sellers out there consider sale samurai as their all-in-solution for Etsy keyword research. Sale samurai has a range of features to help you optimize your listings for search.

Some top features of Sale samurai

  • Find the best long and short-tail keywords for your listings
  • Keyword search volume
  • Shipping info
  • Views per product
  • Monitor other seller's listings
  • Advanced Filtering Options
  • Competition Scores

Pros and Cons of Sale Samurai


Simple interface 

Extensive features

Accurate and up-to-date data


No free options unless you opt in for trial

Pricing Plans for Sale Samurai

Sale samurai has two pricing options, monthly and yearly; the monthly plan will cost you $9,99, and the yearly plan will cost you $99,99.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Can I use a general SEO tool like SEMrush or Ahrefs for Etsy keyword research? 

No, general SEO tools like SEMrush or Ahrefs are not designed for Etsy and may not provide accurate data for Etsy keyword research. It's best to use a tool that's specifically designed for Etsy.

Does it matter if I use long-tail or short-tail keywords on Etsy? 

Yes! Using long-tail keywords can be beneficial as shoppers using those keywords are more likely to buy. Long-tail keywords are more specific and targeted than short-tail keywords, which can help you attract customers who are looking for exactly what you're selling.

How often should I update my keywords on Etsy?

It's usually better not to update or change your existing keywords within a few weeks (two to four).

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