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  • Advanced
  • Easy to use RSS Feed made for sharing.
  • Social Sharing Buttons attached to each post.
  • Disqus Commenting System
  • 34 Possible Configurations and increasing.

Version 0.3.1
– Now able to change RSS Feed Title Color and Font Size.

Version 0.3.2
– Now able to change RSS Feed Date Color and Font Size.

Version 0.3.3
– Now able to change RSS Feed Date/Title Font Style.
– Removed Social Share Icons (Switched to text) – Till bug is Fixed

Version 0.3.4
– Social Share Icons now work again!
– Bug Fixes.

Version 0.3.5
– Bug Fixes.
– Full RSS Feed (Now decorated button)

Version 0.3.6
– Bug Fixes.
– New Layout.
– Added Horizontal Rule.
– Able to set Horizontal Rule Width within widget settings.
– Now able to decorate “Full RSS Feed” Button within widget settings.

Version 0.3.7
– Scan QR code for full RSS Feed.
— For Best Performance set min to 80×80 or 180×180
—(Do not insert “px”)
— All settings must be filled out!
– New Widget Settings Layout.

Version 0.3.8
– Twiter text within widget settings is now Twitter lol! 🙂
– Cleaned up code.
– Removed left behind code from old Icons.

Version 0.3.9
– Social Icons now has widget settings.
— Now able to Change Icon color to “colored”(MUST BE LOWERCASE) for colored or “LEAVE INPUT BLANK” for Black & White

Version 0.4.0
– Updated Donation Button Within Wiget Area.
— Fixed “Full RSS Feed” conflicting with social buttons.

Version 0.4.1

Version 0.4.2
– Added Logo URL
– Added Logo Width
– Added Logo Height
– Added Logo Border Radius
– Added Logo Custom Class
– Added Title Custom Class
– Added Full RSS Feed Button Custom Class

Version 0.4.3
– Added Show Images/Permalinks On RSS Feed
– Cleaned Up Code.

Version 0.4.4
– Added Hide Date / Time
– Changed Logo and Settings Theme

Version 0.4.5
– Code Optimization
– Added Social Icon Border Radius to settings.
– Updated Copyright Date
– Tested with the Latest Version of WordPress
– NEW AFFILIATE SETTINGS: Repeats Ad image and URL at bottom of each post

Version 0.4.6
– Now Offers Support on Facebook. Check Widget Settings For Details 🙂

Version 0.4.7
– Added Disqus Commenting System
– All we need you to do is provide the embed.js URL which will be provided after signing up for Disqus

This is the line you want to find. Then extract the URL.

// IMPORTANT: Replace EXAMPLE with your forum shortname!
s.src = '';

Dont forget to check us out on Facebook for any questions or concerns.

Version 0.4.8
– Code Optimization

Version 0.4.9
– Removed Facebook Support
– Replaced Facebook with
– Tested WordPress 5.2.0

Version 0.5.0
– WordPress Version Test 5.3

More coming soon!

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