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This plugin allows you to add searching for, capturing and validating a 3 word address from a form on your WordPress powered site.


Enabling the plugin in a post or page

To enable the plugin on a post or page, simply add a text input field, contained inside a form, and add the field’s id to the plugin’s Input Selector(s) configuration option as described below.

what3words API settings

A what3words API key is required to use this plugin as it authenticates and interacts with the what3words RESTful API

If you don’t have a what3words API key yet, you can quickly and easily sign-up and register for one.

General Settings

  • Input Selector(s) – the input fields that the plugin is configured to search for 3 word addresses. These should be specified as a comma
    separated list of jQuery object selectors.

  • Input Placeholder Text – an optional placeholder to be displayed in the input fields that are configured in the Input Selector(s) option.

  • Suggestion Count – by default, the plugin will return 3 suggestions; you can choose to display between 8 and 8 suggestions.

Localisation Settings

  • Input Language – specifies the default language that should be used for searching for 3 word addresses. If Multilingual Search
    is disabled; then only 3 word addresses in the Input Language will be used.

  • Multilingual Search – by default, the plugin searches for 3 word addresses in all languages; you can restrict searches to a single language by
    disabling this option.

  • Enable Country Filtering / Country – by default, 3 word address suggestions will be returned for all countries. You can configure the plugin
    to restrict suggestions to a single country by checking the Enable Country Filtering checkbox and selecting the desired country in the
    Country dropdown.

  • Text Direction – specifies the text scanning direction of the 3 word address search box. Options are Left to right or Right to left (e.g. for Arabic).

WooCommerce Support

The plugin also allows you to automatically add a 3 word address validation field to a WooCommerce checkout form and save the 3 word address against the customer’s order details.

By enabling WooCommerce checkout integration, the #shipping_w3w and #billing_w3w selectors will be automagically added to the list of Input Selector(s).

Filter Support And Usage

what3words AutoSuggest plugin supports a single filter to change the default set of installation settings and options at plugin activation time.


Applied to the default set of plugin settings and options. Note that this filter is called once, upon plugin activation, when there are no what3words AutoSuggest plugin settings/options existing in the database.

Example: Add the date and time that the plugin was first activated

add_filter ('what3wordssearchbox_default_settings', 'add_activation_timestamp');

function add_activation_timestamp ($options) {
    // options = array (option name => option value)
    $options['plugin_activation_timestamp'] = date (DATE_ATOM);

    return $options;


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10 Feb, 2017

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4.7 or higher

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The plugin hasn't been transalated in any language other than English.


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