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Create & Print barcodes from SKU, EAN, UPC & other codes. Best tool to make inventory of your stock

✔ Creates barcodes from product SKU, UPC, EAN and other codes
✔ Allows to place any product data & texts on barcode labels
✔ Compatible with all types of printers & label sheets

When your store is growing and you have a lot of products it could be pretty difficult to manage them effectively. If you’d like to improve your workflow by using barcodes you can find Barcode Generator for WordPress & Woocommerce very useful. With “Barcode Generator” you can create barcodes manually or generate barcodes for selected products or cetegories.

Barcode Generator does:

  • Supports WooCommerce Product Variations.
  • Allows to create barcodes: manually, for selected products or for the whole WooCommerce categories.
  • Along with code and product name allows to put on barcodes any additional info (e.g. Price, static text).
  • By default Letter, A4, P4 & roll thermal printers are supported. Have another printer ? See “Advanced Details”.
    But if your printer supports some other paper type, it is not a problem at all as our plugin is extendable and allows you to work with any kind of paper. The only thing you need to do is to find out the sizes and create new “Paper type” by pressing “Add new” button.
  • Built-in set of common-used label sheets. Not found the one? – Plugin allows to create a custom one easily.
  • Supports the most popular types of barcodes: UPC, EAN, QRCode, Data Matrix, CODE128 and CODE39.
  • Allows to create any amount of copies of the same barcode in manual mode.
  • All barcodes can be read by barcode scanner or mobile app for iOS or Android
    ** Customized & personalized labels.**
    Plugin allows to make labels more personalized to fit your store brand.
    It allows to add logo of your store (or any other images) and add any static texts, e.g. name of your store or company.
    Such customization became possible after templates system implementation into plugin. By default plugin contains 3 templates but you can create any amount of them:
    ✔ “Default template” – supports all paper types and label sheets.
    ✔ “Optimized for 2D codes” – example of label optimized for QR and DataMatrix barcodes
    ✔ “Label with images & texts” – example of label with images and static texts.

Please, check out this page for more information.

How to:

Create Barcodes Manually:

  • Click at “Barcode Generator” -> “Create Manually” menu – popup will appear.
  • Fill in “Code” field. This field value will be used for generating barcode. This is usually some unique value like SKU or UPC.
  • You could also fill optional fields “Name” and “Text” that will be printed on barcode label.
  • Select “Type” of barcode – read more about barcode types here.
  • Click “Add to Page” button and new label will appear at page.
  • You can add any amount of barcodes/pages before printing them.
  • Select label format with “Labels format” dropdown and preview how it will look like.

Create Barcodes for Selected Products:

  • Go to WooCommerce Products page (or any other page with products list).
  • Select/check products for barcode creation.
  • Open menu “Barcode Generator” -> “Import Selected Items”. Popup will open with similar settings like when you created barcodes manually.
  • Match fields “Code”, “Name”, “Text1/2” with proper columns, select “Type” of barcode and click “Import”.
  • You can repeat above actions many times and then print all added barcodes later by clicking “Print” button.
  • Select label format with “Labels format” dropdown and preview how it will look like.

Create Barcodes for Selected WooCommerce Categories:

  • Open menu “Barcode Generator” -> “Import Categories”.
  • Select categories you need.
  • Match “Code”, “Name” and “Text” fields, select “Type” of barcode.
  • Click “Import”.
  • Select label format with “Labels format” dropdown and preview how it will look like.

How to Add new label sheet:

  • Add at least one barcode and page will appear at the right side of you screen.
    • Click “+ Add new” button below preview page.
  • In popup “New Custom Format”, please enter sizes of labels and margins – you can find all these sizes on paper box.
  • Click “Add Format”.

Please note: This is Demo version of Barcode Generator. It’s free to use and you can check all features of this product except printing.
For printing you’ll need to buy a license, download full version and install it.

More information about Barcode plugin check here:


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