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Activities is a free, light-weight plugin for managing activities.
It provides an easy to use interface to manage your sites activities and who is participating.
This plugin supports multisite installations. Each site has their own activities, locations, activity archive and plugin settings.

The heart of the plugin is the Activity Report.
When using the Activity Report it is easy to manage different recurring activities like yoga courses, football training and a lot of similar group oriented activities.
The plugin integrates beautifully with WooCommerce Products.
For example, when a customer is buying participation on a yoga retreat the customer are at the same time assigned the Activity list for this particular retreat.


Activities has name, start/end dates and two description of different sizes.
They can also be assigned a location, they are created separately for easy reuse.
If you have plans for the activity, they can be created separately and be reused on unlimited activities. The plans can be viewed on the activity report page.
In addition each activity can have a responsible user who can be granted access to view and/or edit their assigned activities.
Activities can be archived to get a ‘history’ and reduce the amount of activities on the ‘main’ list.

Activity Report

This plugin comes with a report page where you can get an overview of the activity and its participants.
The report is a static structure, but has a lot of customization options for its content.
In addition to specific report settings, the ‘Activities > Options > Activity Report’ page you can set a generic setting for all reports.

Export and Participant Communication

The export page allows you to copy participant information from an activity. It currently supports exporting email, phone and names.
For example it can be used to send emails to all participants by copying the email list it provides and pasting it into a email program or webpage.


A simple shortcode is provided to display activity information in blog-posts, products or other types of posts.
Also comes with an option to display a join/unjoin button on posts. Check the FAQ on how to use it.

Responsible Users

Usually users would be granted permission to use a plugin based on their role.
With this plugin you can grant users permission to only view and/or edit their assigned activities.
This will naturally not restrict access for other users who have higher permissions based on role.


Activities has a good integration with WooCommerce. Products can be assigned with any number of activities,
when a user buys the product and the order is set to Completed they will be added to the activities assigned to products bought.
Guets customers who buy any product can be converted into a WordPress user and then be assigned to activities.


Activities comes with a simple import feature. The import system only takes CSV files and expect them to be semicolon separated.
Both activities and participants can be imported.


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05 Dec, 2008

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