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Create Facebook Ads and Remarketing Ads from your wordpress! Create, monitor and schedule your ads easily. Use the Ad Buddy system to automatically optimize your ads for amazing results!

Can be used and integrated with the Landing Pages Builder and the Social Contests plugins for more leads and improved conversion rates on your site.

Create great Facebook Ads and Remarketing in seconds! Automatically optimize your ads for the best results and lowest price!

How it works

  1. Create/Edit a page/post
  2. Click “Create Ad” button
  3. Enter Ad name, text and image
  4. View analytics

Create Remarketing Ads and Facebook Ads from your wordpress site!

This plugin also comes with an Ad Buddy system that lets you Automatically Optimize all your Remarketing Ads and Facebook Ads, for amazing results!

Why use Wishpond’s Ads Campaigns plugin?

  • Hands-Free Targeting: Let our Ad Buddy system select the best target audience for your business

  • Drive Repeat Customers: Upload your customer email or phone list and our tool will show them your Facebook Ad

  • Find New Customers: Advertise to people with similar tastes & interests as your current customers

Let Wishpond’s Ad Buddy system Optimize your Target Audience.

  • Let our Ad Buddy system choose the best audience for your Ad based on your business

  • Self-Optimizing Ads see who is clicking & converting to optimize your audience and Ad Spend over time

  • Advanced Targeting Options are available to choose your perfect target audience on your own

Target your Contact List on Facebook.

  • Target specific people on Facebook based on their email address and phone number

  • Target people similar to your customer list. Facebook identifies the similar traits among people on your contact list and targets other people with those traits

  • Import contacts from your email service or CRM including Salesforce and Mailchimp to target

Create an Ad in seconds using our simple Ad Creator.

  • Made for First-Time Users. We make it easy to build an Ad, even if it’s your first time
  • Built in Conversion Tracking on all Wishpond contests makes it easy to see your Ad’s conversion rate and return on investment
  • Get help from the experts. Wishpond’s Ad team is standing by to help you create the best Ad for your business

Track Performance with Real-Time Reporting.

  • Track your Ad Conversion Funnel from Ad Views all the way to Conversions to understand exactly how your Ads are performing

  • Combat Facebook Ad Fatigue by analyzing your click-through rate over time

  • Compare multiple Ad variations to see which are giving you the best return on investment

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Other cool features included in this plugin

Contest & Promotion Apps also Included in WordPress Plugin:

Run a Sweepstakes on your website and/or Facebook Page that gives away a free item or gift card. Sweepstakes are an easy way to engage fans of your brand and get new leads with a very low barrier to entry.

Photo Contest
Engage users to upload photos of themselves and invite their friends to vote for them to win. Photo Contests are perfect for getting new user-generated content and having users engage with each other.

Instagram Hashtag Contest
Engage users to submit photos from Instagram and invite their friends to vote for them to win. Instagram Contests are perfect for getting new user-generated content from Instagram and having users engage with each other.

Referral Promotion
Entice Fans to earn a reward in exchange for referring their friends to sign up.

Pinterest Contest
Engage your community to create boards on Pinterest and vote for their favorites
Users create a board on Pinterest, where it is shared with other Pinterest users. Then they enter it in your Pinterest Contest (on your Facebook Page or website) where the community can vote on it. Have users create boards of your products to introduce them to their friends and other users on Pinterest and Facebook.

Vote Contest
Engage your community to vote on their favorite photos/candidates entered by you
A Vote Contest engages users and teams to go head-to-head to get votes from their friends and family for their choice. It can be used to have users vote on which products should go on sale or will be in your new product line or which team will win a grand prize.

Photo Caption Contest
Use Wishpond’s Photo Caption Contest App to entice users to share and vote on written captions (titles) for a brand’s photo to win.

Video Contest
Engage users to upload videos of themselves and invite their friends to vote for them to win. Videos make for a higher barrier to entry, but give you great user-generated content for your brand.

Essay Contest
Engage users to write about an experience they’ve had or how they would use your products and invite their friends to vote for them to win. Essay Contests have a low barrier to entry and propel users to get creative and give you great, quotable content.

Music Contest
Engage users to submit a recording from SoundCloud or their computer and invite their friends to vote for them to win.

Facebook Coupons
Run and promote coupons on Facebook Pages, Twitter, your WordPress site & mobile devices. You can even use customer coupon codes for coupon redemption on your WordPress site.

Group Offers
Create a store-wide or item discount coupon or a group-buy offer. Social Offers is integrated directly with PayPal for automated payment. Use custom coupon codes for unique coupon redemption.

Email Marketing Automation Tool Included in Wishpond’s WordPress Plugin:
The tool that makes it easy to send an automated series of highly targeted, personalized emails to your leads to turn them into customers.

  • Connect with Contests & Promotions: Set emails to be sent when contacts convert on your contests & promotions.

  • Send to Lists: Send emails when contacts are added to specific lists.

  • Personalize: Personalize content in each email based on contact details & form field responses.

Highlighted Features Included with Each Contest & Promotion App

Mobile-Compatible: We provide a link to share that directs users to optimized entry pages for both desktop and mobile users.

App for Facebook Pages: Each App is built to run in a tab on your Facebook Page. Users enter and share directly on your Facebook Page.

App for Twitter Profile Pages: Each App is built to run from your Twitter Profile Page. Users enter and share directly via Twitter.

Embed on Websites: Each app can also be embedded into your WordPress website

Collect Email Addresses: Download all entrants’ email addresses. You own them. We never email your entrants.

Collect Entrants’ Data: Download entrants’ name, age, gender, location & Likes automatically via our integration with Facebook’s Opengraph.

Real-Time Tracking: Track campaign metrics in real-time.

Auto-Sharing by Entrants: Entrant’s auto-share an invite with their friends on their Facebook Wall or Twitter Profile and in friends’ News Feeds.

Satisfy Facebook Policies: Each App is built within all requirements in Facebook’s Promotions Guidelines.

Built-in Voting: Each app has built-in voting buttons and counters to maximize sharing and engagement.

Customization Included with Each Contest & Promotion App

Custom Form Fields: Need to collect more info from entrants than email address? Add any fields you like and download in an excel file.

Customizable CSS: Change every aspect of each app’s CSS stylesheet to fit your brand.

Translated in 35 Languages: Each app has been translated into 35 languages, including all user-facing text and share messages.

Like-Gate Option: You can require that users “Like” your Facebook Page before they can enter your contest.

Custom Header Banner: Upload a custom banner image to fit your brand.

Choose Multiple Winners: Each app is built to allow you to have one or multiple winners of your photo contest.


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