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Force your admins and/or selected roles to update their password to a new one after a set amount of time. Users will also be unable to use a previously used password.


On the settings page, you can select which roles you want to enforce the password reset.


If your site has several admins, all it takes is for one of them to have a weak password or to not change it often for someone to figure it out or brute force attack it. With access to only one of your admin accounts, the hacker can take total control of your website.

By forcing admins to change their password often and not allowing them to use previously used password, you add another layer of security to your data.


This plugin does not share any data from the site or its users. The only data that is stored in the site’s database is the previously used encrypted passwords of users so they can’t use those again. That information never leaves the server where the plugin is installed and is never shared.

We do not have access to this or any other information.


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