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Add an “agree to terms” check box to your login, registration, or comment forms, requiring users to agree. Tested with BuddyPress and Multisite. WooCommerce extension available.


  • Select your terms page from a dropdown
  • Terms open in a responsive lightbox or new tab
  • Tested with WP, BuddyPress, and bbPress login widgets
  • Customizable text and error message


  • Login Records – Allows you to track user agreement by IP and username each time they log in. Learn more and purchase at:
  • WooCommerce – Integrates Agreeable’s terms & conditions fields into Woocommerce login, registration, and checkout. Learn more and purchase at:


  • Spanish (Andrew Kurtis,
  • Farsi (FarzaM,

Please rate and review us, every one counts!

  • Changed hidden terms div id to prevent conflicts

  • Fixed issue preventing comments from being posted

  • Fixed issue with WooCommerce options table entries

  • Fixed lightbox issues and registration page


  • Fixed bug with WooCommerce extension


  • Fixed bug on editor page


  • Fixed bug with user registration validation


  • Resolved multisite registration issue
  • Cleaned up code, renamed some functions
  • Added a couple more hooks
  • Added functions as needed for extensions
  • Updated settings page
  • Updated plugin banner


  • Misc Multisite and BuddyPress bug fixes


  • Refactored plugin code in preparation for extensions
  • Changed Remember Me function to simple leave the box checked instead of bypassing the form entirely


  • Fixed Multisite registration bug
  • Fixed error display bug

  • Fixed WooCommerce registration bug

  • Fixed RTL Bug


  • Added Farsi translation!


  • Added Spanish translation! Thank you Andrew Kurtis for translating!


  • Misc tweaks
  • Added the ability to remember a user’s agreement for 30 days
  • Plugin is now localized and ready for translations- Spanish translation coming in 0.3.2


  • Lightbox is now responsive
  • Lightbox colors are customizable
  • Now you can include the terms on your comment form too
  • You can disable the lightbox now


  • Misc bug fixes


  • Fixed issue with BuddyPress login widget no validating
  • Fixed issue with Theme My Login additional fields coming AFTER the checkbox


  • Fixed issue with form validation


  • Resolved a few warnings and notices that were cropping up
  • Now you select your terms page from a dropdown
  • Terms now open in a lightbox
  • Tested with WP, BuddyPress, and bbPress login widgets
  • Updated error display for BuddyPress
  • Works with custom Login/Registration pages (like Theme My Login)

  • Registration page bug fix


  • Updated credits and feedback form

  • Fixed bug form logic

  • Fixed login page error

  • Fixed bug with BuddyPress registration / login

  • Added feedback form to the settings page


  • Login bug fix


  • Added URL field for terms page url
  • Added option to be added to registration page
  • Tested with BuddyPress


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First Released

27 Jan, 2014

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Wordpress Version

3.5 or higher

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The plugin hasn't been transalated in any language other than English.


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