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AIPMagazine empower your WordPress website to a powerful publishing platform for digital issues. AIPMagazine brings the proven and familiar issue-based publishing model to the web. There are a lot of benefits to the issue-based model of publishing: publishers love that AIPMagazine’s issue-based digital publishing slows the pace of posting to better suit their existing workflows and readers love the long-format, less-frantic, well-organized reading experience.

AIPMagazine is packed with great features—and more are added with every release! Upon installation, AIPMagazine allows publishers to:

  • Create Journals
  • Create Issues for a specific Journal with cover image and PDF version
  • Create Categories for a specific Journal
  • Create Articles either as a WordPress post or uploading a PDF file, assign them to a particular Issue, and apply multiple Categories
  • Adding Google Scholar metadatas to an Article
  • Publish an Issue (and all related articles) at one time
  • Display Archive of Issues on an attractive “Past Issues” archive page either the plugin settings or a widget or a shortcode
  • Display the Last Issue article list anywhere on the site either the plugin settings or a widget or a shortcode
  • Allow readers to search for content across all Issues
  • Select featured articles to be displayed in a Slider using a shortcode
  • Select featured articles to be displayed in a Grid together with thumbnail using a shortcode
  • Use WordPress’s scheduling ability to schedule and automate the launch of an Issue

Some other benefits:
* AIPMagazine comes with 3 languages out of the box: English, Italian, Spanish)
* AIPMagazine works with any WordPress theme, but it also has a specific theme designed to optimize the user experience
* AIPMagazine is backed by a dedicated team of developers and publishers at Archimede Informatica.
* AIPMagazine is free, but is available also in full version with advanced features (

Installation and Settings

  1. Install AipMagazine
    Go to Plugins->Add New and search for AipMagazine
    Click “Install Now” and then “Active Plugin”

  2. Create pages for Current Issue and Past Issues
    Go to Pages->Add New
    Create a page for your current issue. We recommend using “Current Issue” as the page title.
    Create a page for your issue archives. We recommend using “Past Issues” as the page title.

  3. Configure AipMagazine Settings
    Go to Magazine->Settings
    Choose your page for articles (your current issue page)
    Choose your page for issue archives (your past issues page)
    You can configure the rest of the options to your liking, or leave them in their default state.
    Click “Save Settings”

  4. Create a Journal
    Go to Magazine->Journals
    Enter the name, the slug, the description and the ISSN of the Journal and click “Add New Journal”

  5. Create an Issue
    Go to Magazine->Issues
    Enter the name of the issue (i.e. Summer 2014) and click “Add New Journal”
    Click on the newly created issue title
    Upload a cover image. You can adjust the dimensions of the cover image on the AipMagazine Settings page.
    Enter any other information for the issue, if applicable
    Click “Update”

  6. Add Articles to the Issue
    Go to Magazine->Add New
    Enter the title and content for your article, just like a normal WordPress post
    Add a featured image, if applicable
    Choose the issue the article is related to in the Issues sidebar area
    Adjust the AipMagazine Article Options at the bottom of the article, if applicable

  7. Add AipMagazine Widgets to Sidebar
    Go to Appearance->Widgets
    Drag the Issue widget you want to use into your sidebar
    Click “Save”

  8. Set Issue to Published
    Go to Articles->Issues
    Click on the title of the issue you want to make live
    Change the Issue Status dropdown to “Live”
    Click “Update”


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