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Andrew Norcross



= 0.2.5 – 2019/11/15
* Remove usage of method that’s been deprecated in WordPress trunk. props @johnbillion

= 0.2.4 – 2017/12/13
* Added localhost bypass for loading CSS and JS files when hot reloading. props @shadyvb
* Added additional hook removals for new automated updates and language packs.
* Removed outdated create_function call for PHP 7.2 compatibility. props @geminorum
* General cleanup

= 0.2.3 – 2017/03/05
* Adding option to force transient purge
* Adding clean action to WP-CLI functions

= 0.2.2 – 2016/12/07
* Adding WP-CLI support. props @markjaquith

= 0.2.1 – 2016/10/19
* Fix settings page language drowdown when used offline. props @onnimonni

= 0.2.0 – 2016/08/26
* modify CSS loading for front-end, removed loading for login page. props @barryceelen
* fixed theme API call request to avoid WP_Error return. props @onnimonni

= 0.1.9 – 2016/07/25
* Prevent BuddyPress from falling back to Gravatar. props @johnbillion

= 0.1.8 – 2016/07/12
* allow JETPACK_DEV_DEBUG constant to take priority over filter. props @kopepasah
* added additional CSS for upcoming 4.6. change to upload tab.

= 0.1.7 – 2016/05/18
* allow local HTTP calls with optional filter. props @johnbillion
* add back index.php link to main dashboard menu item
* bumped minimum WP version requirement to 4.4

= 0.1.6 – 2016/04/25
* minor tweak to include CSS for new icon font

= 0.1.5 – 2016/04/24
* adding custom icon font for display and removing label. props @barryceelen

= 0.1.4 – 2016/02/26
* better setup for blocked external assets. props @johnbillion

= 0.1.3 – 2016/02/22
* modified CSS rules to fix media bulk actions bar from disappearing
* moved airplane_mode_status_change action to run before redirect, and now includes the status being run.

= 0.1.2 – 2016/01/09
* added back HTTP count when inactive
* removed HTTP count completely when Query Monitor is active

= 0.1.1 – 2016/01/06
* fixed incorrect nonce check that was breaking toggle
* changed CSS and JS checks to include all themes and plugins as well as core

= 0.1.0 – 2015/12/30
* added airplane_mode_purge_transients filter to bypass transient purge

= 0.0.9 – 2015/12/07
* changed from colored circle to actual airplane icon for usability
* fixed dashboard link icon for multisite
* changed to exclude all external stylesheets, not just Open Sans
* added language files for translateable goodness
* general cleanup for WP coding standards

= 0.0.8 – 2015/05/18
* added class_exists as now included in DesktopServer and collisions could result
* fixed if ( ! defined ... for AIRMDE_BASE constant

0.0.7 – 2015/04/21

  • fixed some CSS from hiding plugins page bar
  • moved changelog to it’s own file
  • added composer.json
  • added contributors to readme
  • clarified license (MIT)

0.0.6 – 2015/04/02

  • version bump for GitHub updater

0.0.5 – 2015/04/02

  • fixed bug in update logic that was preventing checks when disabled (but activated). props @johnbillion

0.0.4 – 2015/04/02

  • added multiple checks for all the various theme and plugin update calls. props @chriscct7
  • added HTTP counter on a per-page basis. props @szepeviktor

0.0.3 – 2015/01/23

  • added airplane_mode_status_change hook for functions to fire on status change
  • purge update related transients on disable
  • added WordPress formatted readme file

0.0.2 – 2015/01/21

  • added GitHub Updater support
  • fixed update capabilities when status is disabled

0.0.1 – 2014/06/01

  • lots of stuff. I wasn’t keeping a changelog. I apologize.


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