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A very fast and lightweight search plugin that sorts search results by relevance and saves user searches.

As a result:-

  • Your best content is shown to your users for relevant searches.
  • You can get new content ideas by looking at what your users are searching for.
  • Download your users’ searches and analyse them with your favorite SEO tool.

Other Features

  • Earn money – Promote your affiliate links as sponsored results above normal search results.
  • Live Search – live search loads search results while the user types.
  • Ajax search – speeds up searches by fetching search results without reloading the search page.
  • Autocompletes – Show search suggestions in the search box like Google does.

Ajax Live Search is a fast and lightweight alternative to other search plugins. It highlights search terms in search results pages
and shows you a log of what your website visitors are searching for.

It allows users to search as they type, and search results are loaded without reloading the page.

Ajax Live Search was born to solve the problems people faced with other WordPress search plugins.

Most search plugins were either too slow, bloated, returned irrelevant search results or all three.

Ajax live search is lightweight and uses indexes the same way Google does to ensure that searches are both fast and relevant.

The pro version takes things a step further by using linear regression (artificial intelligence) to calculate the relevancy of a post or page to a search term. It takes into account factors such as the age of a post and the number of comments that a given post has when calculating it’s relevancy.

The pro version is also x10 faster than the free version since it caches search results.

We tested several plugins on a database containing 1 million wikipedia articles running on an old computer with 512 mb ram. The pro version took an average of 135 milliseconds to search while the lite version took an average of 1.5 seconds. Most plugins were taking up to 2 days to index the data and 30 mins to fetch results.

Note: Only the pro version supports sponsored results and downloading previous searches.

About Ajax Live Search Pro

I built Ajax Live Search as a way to give back to the community, and therefore intended to include all features in a single free version.

However, I also decided to release a pro version and use the proceeds to support a local charity run by my mum.

I reduced the price by 300% to ensure that everyone can afford it. It’s a win win since you get a great plugin at a very affordable price and at the same time help educate a couple of needy children.

So please consider  upgrading to the pro version. It costs a cup of coffee, and in doing so you will help send needy children to school and also get the following extra benefits:

  1. Earn money by displaying sponsored results at the top of regular search results.

  2. Download past searches and import them into your favorite keyword research tool.

  3. Keep your visitors happy by speeding search results up to x10.

  4. Use basic machine learning to show more relevant results to your users’ searches.

  5. Fetch more relevant search suggestions from Google or YouTube while reducing the load on your server.

How to search

You can search using the following search modifiers on your WordPress blog :-

  1. (+) A leading plus sign indicates that this word must be present.

  2. (-) A leading minus sign indicates that this word must not be present in any of the returned rows.

  3. (>) Indicates that this word should be given more weight.

  4. (~) Indicates that this word’s weight should be negated but not removed. See 2 above.

  5. (*) When you append an asterisk to a word; we match all words beginning with the value before the asterisk.

  6. (author: or @) Limit search results to posts by the author with the given username.

  7. (category:) Comma, “-” or “+” separated list of category slugs to search in. Use comma to get posts from any of the categories. Use “+” to fetch posts that appear in all the categories. Use “-” to exclude posts from the given category.

  8. (tagged:) Comma or “+” separated list of tag slugs to search in. Use comma to get posts with any of those tags. Use “+” to fetch posts that have all those tags.

  9. (post_types:) comma separated list of post types to search.

Take a look at the getting started guide to learn more.


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