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The free version of Alchemyst Forms (the premium version can be acquired at ). Alchemyst Forms lets you create contact forms within WordPress using nothing other than HTML. Email notifications and an entries database are included.

The free version contains all you need to get simple forms into your WordPress website, including things like reCAPTCHA, email notifications, and an entries database.

Alchemyst Forms was built to be hackable and completely customizable, you can view our documentation at to get started!

Don’t know HTML very well? We’ve included a simple to use input builder to help you generate fully featured and capable HTML form components.

Upgrade to the pro version for these additional capabilities

  • Priority Support
  • Google Analytics Integration
  • Unlimited Notifications
  • Insert Post Notifications
  • Fully featured, searchable, and sortable entries database.
  • CSV Entry Export
  • Advanced field types, including WYSIWYG, Address, Tel, Number, Range, Datepicker, and more.
  • File Uploads
  • Encrypted Fields
  • …and more coming soon!

REST API Endpoints

  • A couple REST API Endpoints have been added.

  • /wp-json/alchemyst/forms/v2/form?id=[ID] (WP_REST_Server::READABLE) Get a form object. Returns rendered HTML back to your app.

  • /wp-json/alchemyst/forms/v2/form-submit (WP_REST_Server::CREATABLE) Send POSTdata as a response from the HTML that was rendered from reading the form. A response will be passed back.
  • More detailed documentation on the REST API will come as it is tested further. Consider the REST API in beta right now.


  • Fixes an admin javascript issue preventing proper usage of the input builder.


  • Fixes a bug with entry views.
  • Corrects a link to the export entries tools page.


  • Fixes a bug with file uploads after switch to wp_mail()


  • Fixes a bug with WPEngine’s MU-Plugins styles and a classname conflict with the input builder.


  • Fixes a javascript bug when multiple email notifications were present for a form.


  • Adds the option to include the HTTP_REFERER url in the email request with the [alchemyst-forms-referrer] shorttag.


  • Fixes various bugs with entry views, particularly in large forms.
  • Fixes some javascript bugs with repeatable fields.


  • Updated default editor font size to 14px based on community feedback.


  • Rewrote the mail notification handlers to better follow WordPress standards.


  • Fixes a bug where field names with spaces would not be sent over email properly.
  • Fixes several more issues with older versions of PHP.


  • Fixes an issue in the Form Validator for PHP 5.4 and lower.


  • Fixes some name conflicts with localized scripts when rendering Alchemyst Forms on the admin side.
  • Plugin now supports rendering forms in wp-admin. You must enqueue the scripts to the admin like below in your theme’s functions.php, or in a plugin:
    if (class_exists(‘Alchemyst_Forms’)) {
    add_action(‘admin_enqueue_scripts’, array(‘Alchemyst_Forms’, ‘frontend_scripts’));
  • Note that if you want to use this in a plugin, you should hook this into the alchemyst_forms:init action.
  • Fixes a bug with how field names are interpretted in client side field validation.


Initial public release.


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07 Oct, 2016

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4.4.0 or higher

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