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Description shipping module is a versatile solution for any e-shop owner or administrator looking for a flexible, yet effective delivery system. With module you will be able to:

  • choose from a wide variety of delivery methods, such as delivery to hands, parcel terminals, post-offices or pick-up points and offer them to your customers;
  • select from trusted courier companies. The module contains a huge number of different courier integrations, including all couriers in the Baltic States and other countries, therefore allowing for you to select the ones you require without installing numerous plugins, wasting money or time. Install once and use anything you want in one place;
  • take advantage of COD (cash on delivery) service, express delivery, easy returns and many other additional options;
  • be sure that you do not waste your IT resources as will ensure that you get all couriers with one plugin;
  • manage your private or business deliveries smoothly and easily using our delivery management system for business and prepaid system for infrequent deliveries; module will provide you with complete flexibility and control regarding your deliveries. Get all couriers and delivery methods with one plugin here and now. Try any combinations that you wish and select what works best for you! Moreover, you will be able to use additional services like storage, packaging etc.

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Arbitrary section

Module Configuration

You can enter your API code by going to WooComerce -> Allparcels settings.

To configure delivery methods you need to go to: WooCommerce -> Settings, and select �Shipping�. Choose one of the delivery methods, that you added to a selected shipping zone earlier:

Enter the title (it will be visible on the checkout page);
Define delivery price;
Choose a carrier;
Choose additional services (take note that you may be charged extra for using these options);
After all the selections are made, do not forget to click �Save�.

A brief Markdown Example

Ordered list:

  • You can schoose shipping method
  • You can export your orders

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